Why the 30day challenge?

Today I’m starting another 30day challenge – but this one is the ‘100 club challenge’. Now If you’re reading this and asking…what exactly is it…and why on earth are you doing it,  those are both good questions ::)

Well, last time the 30day challenge was to do 30 consecutive days of the Dragan Challenge Endurance Dumbbell Lift, for a minimum of 100reps each day,  no exceptions! And it was bloody hard because on on some days I either forgot or really didnt feel up to it & had to convince myself to just do it (I once even dragged myself out of bed to complete that day’s lifting!).

However,this time there is a slightly different twist. This time there is an option to do any high energy, challenging movement which requires serious muscular effort against gravity –  but still the minimum daily requirement will be 100 reps. However, if not the Dragan Challenge Endurance lifts, then it must be something equally energy demanding…and vertical in nature!  Examples:

100 full push ups, 100 pull ups, 100 deep squats, 100 inclined sit-ups, 100 lunges… you get the idea!   Ideally in the course of 7days, 5 of the 7 sessions should be an upper body challenge to bring your upper body fitness into the equation & ideally they need to be consecutive repetitions with little or no rest. However, in the case of something like pull-ups you might need to slow down your pace to one rep every ten seconds in order to pull off 100reps!

AND here’s the reason WHY to do it.   Because it is an incredibly simple but effective way of getting into a seriously good mode of training and fitness. Last time I did it, it was certainly very challenging but towards the last few days of the 30day challenge I somehow felt immensely strong physically and mentally for simply having committed to (and succeeded in) completing 30days in a row of one simple challenge!?  When you analyse the task on paper it really doesnt sound like anything particularly amazing…but truly when I’d finished the month, I felt like I was an Olympian coming towards peak fitness, ready to take on any challenge. That’s how effective it was.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating a little bit, but there’s no doubt that the discipline and achievement of succeeding for 30 consecutive days – no matter what – was really inspiring.  And that’s why as we go into another cold winter and we all need some inspiration, here’s one way I’m generating mine!

IF you feel like joining me, please give me a shout on this blog or on my facebook page…


P.S   My 30Day ‘100 Club Challenge’ DIARY looks like this so far:

Day 1:  100 Dragan Challenge lifts with 16kgs

Day 2:  200 push ups

Day 3:  100 Dragan Challenge lifts with 17.5 kgs

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  1. nikos says:

    Hi Rajko! As you probably know I am taking the opportunity of coming from Paris to London on business next Monday to do the HoP with you at Kensington! I will start the Challenge after HoP by lifting DBs or doing pushups (ideally with you!!!). Nicolas

  2. Naomi says:

    I wholeheartedly agree! I completed the 30 day challenge a couple of months ago. I then felt the strongest that I have ever felt on my upper body and really toned my arms which I now maintain.
    Club challenge sounds great…its now on my list!
    Hope its going well for you, keep up the good work and keep us updated on your club challenge diary.

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