What type of person suits ‘fitness’?

Exercise doesnt seem to suit everyone. You’ve got those who seem to absolutely love it…and are addicted to either going to the gym, going for that run, or kicking a ball around whenever they get the chance.  And then you’ve got millions of others who find the thought of exercise to be so alien…so cosmetic!
Having spent 4years as a professional performing musician in the ‘artistic’ environment, I know only too well how in the ‘arts world’ there is mostly not much of a place for Sport and ‘The Gym’. Musicians are understandably afraid of causing a negative effect to their finely tuned ‘musical muscles’, and see no point in taking fitness seriously. And many cannot compute the two very different lifestyles of late nights, alcohol, freedom of expression etc… with the discipline and rigidity of exercise and controlled physical exertion. Exercise is perceived to be some kind of a hobby … and therefore certainly not a real priority for a musician.
Having also in the past ten years spent periods as a company Director for two small companies, and a manager of two Health Clubs, I also have a good understanding of how it feels to be in the world of business, hitting targets, lack of time for ‘self’ and facing daily intellectual challenges…
But here’s the truth of the matter – whether one is a devoted painter, musician, business tycoon, religious leader or welfare officer,  no matter your title or your perceived main focus in life, there are two inevitable truths:  1. We are all first and foremost physical beings  2. The better your health & fitness, absolutely the clearer & better your thinking, your creativity and your ability to cope with challenges.
In the pure study of nutrition and fitness a person may learn nothing about finance & business strategy…therefore no matter the persons knowledge in one area, the struggle for financial success, business planning and financial management may destroy the person.  Equally in the study of business a person may learn nothing about exercise and nutrition and how to survive physically in the world of business, and at some point may battle with the inevitable problem that they dont have the tools or experience or time to look after their fitness and health.
Some of my best students of fitness and health are business people and artists, because they dont have time to toy around with gimmicky exercise…they have either very rational/logical minds or very creative minds…but either way they appreciate efficiency because they dont have time to waste on pointless exercise or ‘exercise for fun’.  They need exercise for a very clear and real purpose.
And given the right tools and given a new perspective of the place of fitness in daily life…it may be one of the most important things a business student (or indeed an artist) learns.
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