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Drawing on his incredible experiences filming Last Man Standing; more than 5 years of extreme fitness challenges; a decade of well-being teaching with teenagers, and international experience as a professional musician, Rajko’s Inspirational Talks and Interactive Workshops are a ‘tour de force’.  Sir Paul Grant, Headteacher, Robert Clack School.

Much more than a platform for telling Tribal adventure stories, Rajko’s presentations draw listeners into an inspirational and contagious notion that life is much more colourful when we embrace challenges, leaving audiences old and young with a tangible sense of renewed personal resolve.

Last Wednesday was truly a magnificent occasion; everyone I spoke to from 12yr olds to 80yr olds had a brilliant time. I cannot thank you enough for your presence, your little words to the students as you presented their prizes and above all your inspirational speech…
While you were talking I was watching the audience, the children were spellbound some even on the edge of their seats. The parents & distinguished guests were listening intently, realising their students were being well & truly inspired.  David Bocock, Headteacher, Bishopshalt School

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