Weekend at Martial Arts Expo

This past weekend was spent at the martial arts expo in Birmingham (at the NEC), the second year of this new Martial Arts event. It was a great weekend to be involved with and a very positive atmosphere overall. Martial arts enthusiasts of all ages checking out the latest equipment, fighting styles, gadgets, special guests etc… I was privileged to be one of those special guests, representing Fitness4x4 and the Hour of Power training method, and bringing it to the Martial Arts World. Many martial artists prefer to get their fitness from their martial arts training than to ‘pound pavements’ or pump weights at the gym, and so my main goal was to convey the idea that if you can train up your body to have a massive Energy Capacity, that can only help whatever martial art (or Sport) you happen to be involved in.  And so as one of the few fitness methods on display at the show, it was nice to see that many people really understood and valued the concept of mindfully developing your energy capacity, and therefore your ‘fitness’.

The other thing that is very good in the world of Martial Arts is the culture of respect – for other, and the respect students have for the more senior teachers and masters of their trade. I believe that is why in previous years when my father has attended such shows, his years of dedication to understanding fitness has been even more accutely respected at Martial Arts events.  Sometimes people can wrongly assume fighters and martial artists to be aggressive characters- but I was pleased to find this weekend a truly friendly and positive occasion, for which i congratulate the organisers.

One of the most fun moments of the weekend was spontaneously leading a bunch of kids for an Hour of Power demonstration, using water bottles as weights.  Reminded me how kids are so much more proactive than adults – so much less afraid of life. We should try to keep that fearlessness and energy…no matter what our age!

Rajko leads kids workout at Martial Arts Expo

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