Wait for a bus or not wait for a bus…that is the question

After a long day of train journeys and meetings and mental activity, I knew that my body needed a physical challenge before dinner and before bed…but equally i wanted to get home to my wife, to a cosy sofa and everything that’s nice at the end of a long day. So as i pulled into the train station nearest my home, I was thinking to myself, ‘wait for a bus or not wait for a bus…what’ll it be?’

Knowing that the bus wait and journey would add up to about a 20minute duration, and also knowing that once i arrived home I’d want to bring the day’s ‘requirements’ to an end, I decided that like hell was i going to wait for a bus. Instead I took off my jacket, tucked it in my hand with my ridiculously heavy laptop bag (approx 12kg according to my finely tuned sense of dumbbell weights!) and I started jogging home. I decided that since it was a 2.5mile journey, I would be able to fit in about 150 push-ups en-route, and get a decent bit of effort from jogging with the heavy laptop.

…20minutes later there i was opening my door at home, having beaten the bus, having squeezed in a fantastic little workout and having completed my 100REP minimum requirement…and it didnt take any particular mental strength or discipline except to do something as simple as NOT waiting for the bus.

You see, it’s not about opportunities coming along. It’s usually not even about taking opportunities. More often than not it’s about simply making opportunities…or even just imagining them. The same situation might to one person mean nothing, whilst to the other person there’s an opportunity. I’m reading as short book by Richard Branson and his entire life is a case of inventing opportunities out of almost nothing. Out of ideas. Out of simply letting his ideas become actions.

So that’s why I ran home tonight. There was no opportunity until I made it. And it was a fantastic feeling to accomplish a great workout, get fresh air in my lungs, challenge my body…and do it all in the time I might have wasted waiting for a slow bus home.

Try it….make an opportunity out of nothing today.

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