Tomorrow’s Music Release…and ‘how to meditate’

The past 18months has essentially been fairly music-less for me since I decided it was necessary to focus my energy in one direction only…but of course in any spare minute, somewhere in the background of my daily life i’ve been doing a little. And tomorrow I’m very excited to release a song I first began working on almost 4years ago…whilst sitting in a mud hut in South Africa, trying to take my mind off the fact that i was there to do some crazy-dangerous stick fighting!

Honestly, that’s where the song was composed, and part of it was recorded with the local Zulu tribesmen on a little video camera microphone!  And finally I finished mastering that song 2days ago and am going to give it away as a free download to anyone who has registered on my site to be able to read my blog.

Yesterday I had a good interview and 100Club lifting session with one of the finalists in this year’s Dragan Challenge. It was good talking openly with him about his normal schedule and how his training fits around his normal working and home life. And it’s interesting that his strategy is quite similar to mine – at the end of a long day when the thing you want to do is sit down on a sofa and just relax, that’s not the time to do it. That’s the time to do your daily exercise!

Not for the purpose of being militantly disciplined or deliberately taking away the pleasure of relaxation! But for another reason entirely – to make that relaxation better. More enjoyable. This is why…  When you’ve had a long hard day of work – whether that work is more mental or physical work it doesnt really matter – one of the things that is toughest on your system is that unstructured demand. That stress of responsibilities, the ups and downs of your day: thinking, talking, doing, thinking, responding, fixing, talking, stressing etc.  One thing to another, all these things add up to a kind of mish-mash of frequencies – a sort of NOISE. And the only way to properly reset your system is to settle things back to a steady rhythm…back to a nice harmony of notes.

Now without sounding too much like a hippy, the fact is that your body wont return to that settled state without one of two things. Something like meditation to settle the mind, and something like controlled physical exertion to settle the internal system.   So when Kurt gets home from a 12hour shift at work and wants a rest, what does he do?  He picks up his dumbbells and starts lifting. He doesnt stop and think about it. He just starts, knowing that no matter how hard the first few reps feel, after 5 or 10 or 15minutes of lifting, and concentrating on just one simple thing, not only will his mind be totally relaxed, but his body will be totally re-charged, reset.

That’s how meditation works – focus your mind on one or two simple things, and then let it stay 100% focused on those things for long enough that it actually settles itself completely. You can either do this by sitting cross-legged on the floor and focusing on a candle flame whilst saying ‘Ohhhmmmm’……

….or you can concentrate on inhale, lift, exhale, press, inhale lift, exhale, press,  breathing, exertion, breathing, exertion.  I can tell you for a fact, it can potentially achieve exactly the same thing mentally – not to mention physically having much more of an effect.

So next time you get through a long busy day of work, stress or ‘noise’, before you plonk yourself on the sofa, give yourself a simple focused bit of exercise to accomplish. Then relax. It’s a hundred times better

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  1. zanderxl says:

    I totally agree with this. For me, it comes through doing the various kata from Shotokan karate. My mind focuses on the visualisation of the situation and my body becomes “synchronised” with that mindset. Combined with the correct breathing, it acts as a great way to bring everything back into alignment.

    Okay, maybe I’m starting to sound like a “hippy” too, but the point is that your comments are extremely valid. It’s just a case of maybe finding a form of doing it that’s suitable to the individual.

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