The new forest in Spring

No matter what the easy criticisms of modern England, when it comes to Springtime there are truly few places as beautiful as the English countryside. This week I took a day off to take my fiance to an amazing place – the New Forest.  It’s one of those places which at times feels like you are on a different planet…but in a good way!  The landscape is quite unusual, the roads are open and fenceless, and just to really top it off, the horses/ponies/cows/pigs/donkeys all walk wild and free…across the road, through town…wherever! It’s true!

In a normal world this should not seem such an amazing phenomenon…but in our modern world where everything is fenced off, and horses are rarely allowed to roam free, it is a beautiful exception. Last time i was there I just stood and smiled as i watched a horse strolling through the middle of a little village high street…not a care in the world, and nobody paying too much attention. Same thing this time…a couple of donkeys doing some window shopping in Brockenhurst high main street 🙂

So for all the grey weather, cloudy days and freezing cold of most of the year, Springtime in the UK is fantastic and i’d recommend it to anyone. Get outside, climb some trees, smile at a stranger, say hello to some passing Cattle and generally do some unusual stuff. It’s good for you.


New Forest Life

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