The 3rd Day…and the WALL

I was teaching my Kensington Hour of Power class a few days ago and I found that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get people to shout out the last few repetitions with me. Now it’s not like a circuit class where we are changing every 30reps. I’m talking about at the end of 8minutes of doing 600 continuous bicep curls to exhaustion, happily shouting out the fact that only 8 more reps remain! But people simply wont step outside their comfort zone and shout, and I know that if they would it would be one really easy way of generating a great atmosphere in the class…

So towards the end of the class I informed people that next class they would have a choice of either – reciting religious texts and mantras with me during various sections of the workout(!)…OR putting a little more effort into shouting out the countdowns with me. I got a few laughs and a few questioning looks…

But one thing is for sure, I don’t mind reciting some powerful religious texts…so hopefully they’ll get the point and start shouting out the countdowns 🙂

Well the third day of my personal Dragan Challenge was succesful – but it required me to do the 100 lifts during my class, so that i wouldnt have to summon up the energy to do them after the class.  It’s funny how after even 3days the mind starts playing tricks with you and telling you that you need a rest. But I know that when you get through this trickery, you get over the WALL & its gets easier. And that WALL is not just a physical one, but also a practical one – how do you fit in your 100 lifts exercise session when your day is Full…or your schedule gets shifted at the last minute…or whatever!  That’s when you have to get good at getting over the wall, and the way you get good at that is to first of all decide that you ARE going to climb it no matter what.

More tomorrow… 🙂


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  1. zanderxl says:

    Religious texts? Hmm… just so long as you don’t go all Samuel L Jackson from “Pulp Fiction”!
    Ha ha.

  2. Annakin011 says:

    While we had classes in the first Fitness4x4 studio ( Vlasta’s house ) everybody were counting down, no questions asked. Not always , but they did. Especially when you teach the class 🙂 . When I feel that the energy is low I trick them into shouting countdown by saying that I’ll continue the reps if they don’t shout with me. So guess what was their choice :)))

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