Service Station success

This 30day Dragan Challenge is not as easy as it might sound. Yes it’s only 100 dumbbell lifts, and only about 5minutes in duration (!) but you see, to do anything consistently for 30days is really hard – especially if no-one is looking over your shoulder to make sure you do it.  That’s why most of us dont do simple things like:

learn one word in another language every single day (in one year you’d have learned enough to get by in a different country!)

practice some new skill a little bit each day (whether it’s a musical skill, artistic skills, mechanical etc…)

In one year I learned to play guitar really well cos I did a few minutes every day consistently. Unfortunately I havent applied the same theory to a bunch of other things I’ve wanted to be able to do – ie  understand a car engine, speak Serbo-Croatian fluently, learn to swing dance, learn to play flamenco-style guiitar, save money for a pension….etc etc…

But before I depress myself on the things i havent done, the good news is that yesterday on the brink of failing my 100club challenge i pulled through. Having in the morning travelled 3hours to a wedding and not considered when we’d get back home that night, I naturally didn’t pack any dumbbells with me for the wedding! And there i was at 11pm knowing that it would be almost impossible for me to fulfill the challenge today. And so at about 1am when i was 30minutes from home, barely staying awake at the wheel I reailised there was only one thing for it. I stopped at South Mimms service station, pulled in to a quiet section of the car park, took off my suit jacked and tie and shirt and just got down and started working towards 100push ups. No it was not 100 dumbbell lifts, but the unofficial rule of the 30-day Dragan Challenge is…if you have no access to dumbbells, then you must use bodyweight!  Push ups, pull ups, squats.  But whatever it is you do, it must be 100reps and it must be done well.

I dont need to tell you how hard it is to motivate yourself at 1am after a really great and indulgent wedding ceremony/reception/buffet… but the point is I’m still in the challenge. I feel a sense of self-discipline that i found a way, and I’m fully on track.  And why is that important? Not because I did 100 measly push-ups. But because today I wake up and feel motivated, strong-willed.  Had i not done the push ups there would be a good chance that today I lost my desire to complete the challenge. There would be a good chance i woke up today and thought – ‘who needs to do this challenge!?’

So for the moment i’m still in…I hung on by a thread yesterday 🙂

then thought, sod it, let’s do this properly! So I stripped down to trousers and shoes

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  1. Hellz Faerie says:

    You must of had some interested onlookers at that service station, wondering what you were doing..
    I failed after 3 days, oops…went out for lunch and got unintentionally drunk on Friday, bad habit of mine, then was hungover next day…Going to start again today i think.

  2. zanderxl says:

    Must have been an interesting sight for any late night drivers as they went by… plenty of “WTF” moments there, I bet!
    Nice job on not caving in and staying motivated!

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