About ten years ago to this day, I wrote a song called September. It was the first song I’d ever written on the piano, and part of it went: I’ll always remember… that lonely September…that seemed just like a mountain for me.

It’s amazing how ten years can fly by. Back then I was just recovering from failing in my first experience of ‘grown up’ love, and to that innocent youngester life really seeming like a great dark mountain looming over me…now ten years later I am just returned from my honeymoon where I feel like I’m standing on top of that big mountain, but on the other side things look so bright and beautiful and so simple below me. Funny,  I definitely prefer this September to that one! But, I wouldnt be where I am NOW if it wasnt for THEN…and of course mountains are there to be climbed.

So as I look from this high viewpoint, knowing that inevitably I’ll have to come down for some more climbing of other mountains, I’m just enjoying one of those rare periods where everything feels like it’s in the right place. Not easy – just in the right place. And it’s great to be married to an amazing partner, who is now sharing this life with me.  5 weeks in and I recommend it to anyone! 🙂  

Today I am doing some extras work for an exciting new film being made, and I’m finishing off some new Video materials for the Hour of Power Workout Certification Course. Tomorrow I’m teaching fitness all day, then next week I visit my first school for this year, to do some motivational teaching, Well-Being Coaching and tell some stories from my Tribal Experiences in Last Man Standing. It’s an unpredictable but interesting life I lead, and I thank God for it every day.

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  1. Iwonac says:

    10 years can teach you a lot- I hope that one day I will reach the top of the mountain like you and many others did!
    Just to wanna say that I really enjoyed today’s workout at the GymBox. It was tough but worth it (no pain no game as they say….)!
    Wish you all the best in your ‘new’ chapter of your live. x

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