This evening I watched the film ‘Senna’, a documentary about the highly successful racing driver Ayrton Senna. It is a fascinating and somehow very powerful film. A film about a very determined but seemingly good natured man. I’m not particularly a fan of Formula One racing, but still I found the film to be compelling and what stood out from the film, for me, were..

…that nothing good comes easy; that the ‘need’ to be the best is probably a never-ending race; that there will always be politics or beaurocracy to overcome in any big venture, & that faith in God is one of the few things in life that can truly change a person.

Also that no matter what starting point or advantages any person may have, to rise to a different level and certainly to rise to the top of what you’re doing, is always a matter of pure hard work and self-belief.

As a youngster I had a sense that things came easily to me and that I was lucky. I remember once buying a raffle ticket and when a prize came up that I really needed, I stood up and began walking to the stage, saying to my friend ‘I’ve won this’. He laughed at me as I strode forwards, and it wasnt until I was half way to the stage that they called out the winning number. I looked down at my ticket and sure enough, it was me! I didnt even break stride as I kept walking to the stage to collect my prize – a new computer printer! 🙂  Only looking back to smile to my friend who was sitting there dumbfounded as to how that just happened.  I remember wondering what people must be thinking… That surely it must seem strange and ‘rigged’ that a person would walk up to collect the prize before it was even announced.

But as an adult I’ve seen another side to life. I’ve seen that with every goal there must come tough decisions and sacrifices and much more hard work than luck. I would still put money on myself to create something special out of nothing or do something good against the odds – perhaps that’s something I’ve always had – but I also know only too well that succeeding in any challenge you set yourself is very very hard. Hard to get to that point where you even have a chance of succeeding. Hard to put in the work and time required to even raise your level…to change yourself…to become different or ‘more than’ simply your natural state.

But I believe it’s worth it. It’s worth fighting for. Even if you don’t make it or if your journey is cut short. We are not here on Earth to simply survive…to simply exist and die. We are here to struggle and to really TRY to be more than just ‘existers’. Whether that’s in marriage, in business, in sport or in character. I believe that’s what we were created to do – what all beautiful things in nature were created to do. To grow…no matter what


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