Robert Clack School

Spent the day at Robert Clack school in East London, giving an assembly on health and fitness and then working with the kids throughout the day on ‘Wellbeing’ and exercise. I was invited in by the School council (the kids themselves), many of whom had seen me on Last Man Standing, and it ended up being a very positive and meaningful day where i could share some of my experiences (in Last Man Standing, but also in life) and offer the kids a different perspective on the purpose of exercise. I also tried to share the idea of indivuality and not being held back by the people around you. I think all too often as a kid you are pigeon-holed or labelled, by teachers, by friends or by other kids, and its hard to shale off that label, or just be yourself confidently. I reminded the kids that when they leave school they’ll realise that they can be whoever they want to be, but why wait until they’ve left school – why not have the courage to be themselves now and be as good as they can be in whatever they are interested in.

I have great respect for teachers – especially those who are motivated and committed – as they do a very tough job and make a very significant difference in society. And its good to see schools like Robert Clack where its an underpriviledged area, but there is a self-belief and positivity in the school. So we shall see, I may do some more work with the school as they were keen to have me back soon. I don’t see myself doing any kind of teaching in the traditional sense, but i do love working with kids and helping them be the best they can be and shake off negative shackles that are so easy to take on. I think i always see the potential in people and really believe they can do great things if they simply start making small steps in those directions…and sometimes all kids need to give them a huge boost is for someone to genuinely believe they have the potential. I know that’s what i needed.

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