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One thing I have had to become good at is recovering from injuries! Some people are lucky and never get injured, however, most of us have a long list of aches and pains and sometimes it seems the more you want from your body, the more it lets you down.

But perhaps the biggest problem with injuries is not just the physical problem of healing, but the massive dent it puts into your progress and motivation. It’s said, ‘grey skies are depressing’ – well, I think that for an athlete there is nothing more depressing than injury or illness. The ‘mental injury’ can be just as bad as the physical

I believe that when it comes to recovering from injury fast, the first rule is to IMMEDIATELY think about what you CAN still do – not what you cannot. Give no time to the latter. You must immediately imagine that you are in survival mode and that whatever parts of the body are still working fine need to be challenged straight away. When I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in my knee, the very next morning I set my record for push ups in one hour. I just rested the bad knee on the good one and went to work using the muscles that were still ok. It felt awesome. Of course it didn’t change the torn ligament and I still needed surgery…but I felt motivated and strong and full of drive. And that’s exactly what you need to do when injury threatens to break you down mentally and physically.

The second rule is to BELIEVE that your body can recover from anything. Diet, sleep, massage, physio…all these things can make a massive difference, but ahead of all of that you must always remember that the human body is a miraculous machine and can always recover. Your body will find a way to recover and then it’s up to you to do everything you can to help it. So above all BELIEVE.

Thirdly and finally accept the aches and pains and scars as wonderful reminders that you’re still alive and still in the game. A very close friend of mine recently passed away with Leukemia aged just 37… just a few months before he was in the best possible fitness and health shape. What he wouldn’t have given to be able to come back to training and good health, no matter how tortuous the journey. So if you get injured show the hallmarks of a warrior and fight back (sensibly of course) against your injuries – doing that is how you’ll recover fast…not just in body, but in mind.

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  1. stoubora says:

    Hey Raijko, I totally agree with this. I’ve also recently started getting pain in my left knee which has caused me to stop running. Instead I aim to walk for half an hour every day or more when I have time. I also do more squats than before, the knee is still achy but not as bad as when I was running. I do plan on getting it checked out by a physio but until I can get it checked out, I’ll just find other ways . Better to use what you have, or use nothing and risk losing it all. The body is important but I do believe the mind is more important. After all the mind creates the will and helps you visualise what you want your body to look like and therefore it can be used to focus on healing. I think a lot of people just give in to old age, pains etc. Life is about the challenge, if we didn’t have challenges it would just be plain boring like a dull Sunday afternoon!

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