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Q) When does a challenge get boring?
A) When it ceases to be a challenge!

When something is no longer personally challenging to you, no matter how interesting or inspiring (or difficult) it may appear to other people, it will lose it’s fizz for you…and if it loses its fizz, you lose your fizz.  Even if it is in an area of personal interest, none of us likes to be challenged way beyond our abilities, but equally, unless we are slightly into that ‘uncomfortable’ state of personal challenge, we are unlikely to produce our best, or develop, or feel motivated.

For years I have been doing the Fitness4x4 Dragan Challenge (a form of CV training using dumbbells which allows you to train incredibly effectively without actually moving from a single stationary spot). In that time, to keep things interesting and challenging, I have always tried to up the ante by setting myself new targets and new records.  Much like a runner who tries to run further and faster, I’ve instead tried to lift more times and with a heavier weight. It’s made for some fantastic exertion over the years of trying, and although from one point of view it may appear to be a very boring challenge to set yourself…it has been quite fun, and was certainly instrumental in getting me selected for BBC’s Last Man Standing – so for that reason alone it’s cool.

But a few years ago it got to a point where I was so accustomed to lifting the 20kg dumbbells for high numbers of repetitions, that it was no longer exciting for me to try. Yes it was still motivating on a purely fitness level…but my adventurous spirit was feeling neglected. So I invented the 100club, and decided to try to complete my dumbbell lifts in the most unusual, interesting, or simply the most random locations possible. Why? Well, as my favourite NBA basketball player Russell Westbrook likes to say…..Why Not!?

I hope you get a chance to check out my videos which I’ll be aiming to post every week leading up until Easter.  And more than just watching out of curiousity, I have a crazy idea that anyone watching can use it as inspiration to do their own Fitness4x4 exercise right there whilst watching.  It’s a new concept of fitness television 🙂   My Location will be changing  but the content will always be the same strict energy requirement – 100 dumbbell lifts of 20kgs, which you can either match with your own lifts, squats or push-ups right there on the spot. Or you can simply watch and enjoy, and use it as a motivation to start your own training session that day – straight after the closing credits!

I hope you have an excellent month of January. Challenge yourself in something – whether in something creative, something to do with making your family a stronger unit, or in your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. You’ll be glad you did.


If you’d like to keep up with where I’m off to next in my 100Club, just check out the latest video on my The 100 Club YouTube channel or The 100 Club page on

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  1. Inspired Aussie says:

    I have followed you on Facebook when I can and am inspired by what you have achieved. I’m currently training as a PT and would love to get this going in Australia to promote the amazing things you and your father have achieve. Truly inspired. Keep up the good work Rajko.

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