Oct ’09 – week 4

It feels good to be recovering!!
This morning was the first morning i’ve woken up in 7 days where I feel vaguely normal again. It makes me feel great empathy for anyone experiencing long term illness, and very grateful that my body is healing fast.

Yesterday I went to a children’s playground with some friends. We all felt conspicuously too big and too old to be there, but who can resist some swings and a merry-go-round and all the things that we stupidly leave behind in adulthood! It was good fun, but the funniest thing was when this little 4 or 5year old kid wanted to come and join us on the merry-go-round. So I did the spinning, and when he was looking pretty laid-back and unaffected I asked if he wanted to go faster. He didn’t answer (probably I looked scary) and so his dad asked him and he said yes! So I span him nice and fast, and when he got off he was like a drunk man…wandering sideways and almost falling over. But so innocently and obviously not having a clue why he was feeling that way. And it turned out that the little boy had by complete chance been watching Last Man Standing with his father earlier that day! I think the boy would have been a little too young to realise what a strange coincidence that is, but it made me laugh. That kid is now going to expect to be able to meet and play with whoever he happens to have seen on TV that day 🙂 And why not!

Had an uplifting time at church yesterday also. I realise that some people reading this blog will not be able to relate to church, and I understand why…but for me, when you find a good church with genuine, committed and open-minded people, there is no place more inspiring. I guess it’s because there is a common sense of tapping into (and considering) the bigger picture. And for me the essence of my Christian beliefs is being inspired to ‘love’ this earth, ‘love’ the people on it and ‘love’ life…and ‘love’ God. Love is a word we use in many different ways and so it feels strange to use it in some contexts, but it’s like on your birthday when everyone is there, and you’ve had a drink or two and you just feel so happy, and love life and love everyone… Well that is how my Christian faith feels to me – it makes me feel that ‘love’ of everything and everyone, but without any alcohol or celebrations needed. I think people tap into that in many ways and through different sources, but that’s my explanation of what church and my christian faith does for me… Which is why I would never go to church or pray out of duty, but out of knowing that it takes me to a good place in myself. And you’ve got to find out what healthy things take you to a good place in yourself: whether it’s nature, or exercise or certain music or certain healthy foods or certain company. whatever! You have to find these things and draw on them…cos when you’re in a good place in yourself, then you’re good to other people too.

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  1. Gaissiry says:

    I’ve read your last post and it’s good to know that you feel better now. I’m a little bit sad that you’ve put your passion aside. It must have been really hard. Because after all being on a stage is just about sharing everything with people, feel that they love you and give back this love by giving them all your energie, thoughts… also sad that I will never be able to hear you live.. but jamais dire jamais (never say never. Do you say that in english ?)
    Your day seems to have been really fun (wish I had the same =) )
    It’s funny I never imagine that you have this strong faith but it’s always good to hear a person talking about how his religion made him a better human being, because love everyone must be hard sometimes. (I’ve spoke to much.. sorry)
    See you

  2. Rania says:

    Hi Rajko,
    My name is Rania, i am french and i live in Paris.
    It’s the first time i write on your blog and the first time i write in english for a veryyyy long time. So i would like to apologize for my poor vocabulary and i’ll do my best to Honor your language
    I just want to thank you coz you are an exemple of Simplicity, strength and spirituality, and your participation on ” one last standing” ( on french TV ) resume well enough what you are.
    If everybody had your heart, the world would be much better
    Rest such as you are

  3. Minna says:

    This was a quite interesting day, I have absolutly no idea who you are, although it seems like I should.
    But that dosen’t matter, I stumbled across one of your songs, and felt something inside.
    Your music feels genuine, but sadly it will cost me a fortune to buy a CD and get it shipped here to Sweden, so I guess that is out of the question.

    But anyways, that’s not why I’m writing, from what I can read you have been blessed by the opportunity to see the world.
    That’s what got my attention. I adore our planet, and I live for the people on it and our animals.
    I would love to hear about you experience in Africa and such, although that may not be a possibility.
    I’m heading south in a couple of years to fight for the rights of the women being misstreated in lands like Somalia.
    I’m not an idealist, I know we can’t stop what’s going on, but we can save lifes by getting the proper medical treatments down there.

    And when it comes to religion I know where you are coming from, I’m a christian as well.
    Religion has always been one of my topics, and I love to hear everyones view on it.
    Because in the end it’s so very different for us all, I go to church to stay humble, to always know that I’m not alone in my struggle.
    Friends and family means the world to me, but I can’t always bring them with me when I let destiny bring my ship foward.
    So it is a comfort to sit down and just breath in a place were nothing can really get to you.
    Where everything truly is pure.

    I hope you are doing well, I’m going to get my flu shot next week, I don’t wan’t any freaking pigs bringing me down 🙂

  4. Rajko, you write a great blog. I really enjoy blog’s that give you a glimpse of that persons world. I’ve started blogging recently and it is so cathartic to just sit down and write about your life, your day. I’ve really been having fun finding unique, well written blogs to follow. I love your point of view regarding religion. I personally am a firm spiritualist. For me there is nothing better for my soul than being in nature to soothe a mind or heart in need of a little healing. I grew up on the coast, and the ocean was my church. When I was troubled, lost, or in need of answers, I went to the beach. The ocean always has the answers. ☺ I suppose that is what church is like for others. Everybody has to find their own truths in life. I have a lot of respect for people that do, whatever that truth may be. Sometimes it can be scary to forge your own path. That’s why we have to support each other in doing so. Since having kids, I don’t get to have that time anymore to go out an be alone, soothe my soul so to speak. I paint, I draw, I create, and now I write too I guess. Sometimes just sharing your voice is the best thing you can do, for yourself and others. I’m looking forward to following your blog. Stop by mine and say ‘HI” sometime if you’d like. Take it easy.


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