Oct ’09 – week 2 ‘Ceilidhs’

This week ended with a farewell gig for my brother who is emigrating to New Zealand! It also doubled as a reunion gig for the band ‘7Law’ which my brother and I (and best friend) started many years ago – and spent a few years performing the London rock circuit with. So it was a brilliant night and one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve ever done with the band. Mostly cos we were all so relaxed about it, and that makes such a difference – whether you’re performing music, or playing a sport or even just communicating with someone new…it feels natural to worry or be anxious, but what works best is to just be at peace with yourself and let it flow.

Also enjoyed a fantastic wedding of a good friend. It’s always a treat to see two good people find each other. The wedding ended with a Scottish Ceilidh instead of the usual rubbish disco dance that most weddings have. And a ceilidh is an absolutely brilliant way of doing it. Everyone up and dancing and mixing with each other, and basically an opportunity to be as lively and ridiculous as you wanna be : )

This week I know that I face a lot of big tasks to complete –some of which have been hanging over me like a cloud for a few weeks- and some that are new and exciting. I also know that when I start or finish days badly, It’s hard to deal with life’s daily challenges. So this week I plan to finish days at a reasonable hour, and start days with a walk and prayer. To put every day into perspective before my tasks and responsibilities make me put things totally out of perspective, getting overly hunf up on things that are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. And reminding myself to enjoy and be grateful for everything I have at this moment – cos if I can’t do that now, then what a waste!

This week’s random challenge: to read a newspaper whilst sat up in the top of a tall tree. Not sure where – I’ll go with instinct 🙂

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  1. duchess says:

    Actions are destiny’s pen. The line of actions drawn today becomes tomorrow’s destiny, so be sure that your pen is drawing a work of art. 🙂

  2. trevor perry says:

    hi rajko
    give my regards to Luka and i hope everything goes well for him in new zealand


  3. Mike S. says:

    What is Luka going to do in New Zealand?

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