Oct ’09 – week 1

I cannot believe I last wrote my blog in February. I feel like I’ve done so much writing since then, but somehow none of it ended up in here.
Well, tonight that all changes and I will begin again every Sunday night to update my Blog. I will also finish (and update) the Last Man Standing Diaries with some stories i never mentioned before and some interesting memories from the trips.

Today was just another normal day… I started by hiring a canoe and paddling out into the middle of a beautiful lake, where i then stood up in the canoe and kept balance while I ‘curled and pressed’ two 20kg dumbbells over my head 100times. It wasn’t easy keeping balance or indeed doing that many dumbbell lifts… but who said life was supposed to be easy 🙂
It’s all part of something i started two months ago called ‘The 100 club’ where I go to random locations with my 20kg dumbbells, and then lift them at least 100times in a row. I guess the idea was to take something that was already a challenge…and then spice up that challenge a bit. So far I’ve done the 100lifts at the top of a mountain, in front of a government building, in the midddle of a lake and on the edge of a cliff. But I plan to get more creative and more random, and i’ll put it all on youtube as soon as I start editting it. I guess the idea stemmed from the fact that in my normal life I’ve often had to find ways of exercising in obscure locations (especially whilst travelling) and occasionally achieved my best in the worst circumstances. So i just decided to build on that theme. And there began the ‘100 Club’.

Big week ahead. Lots to do with the Hour of Power class, which we are now starting to launch in various health clubs in the UK. Also lots to do with the Dragan Challenge – which i’m now sponsored by Maximuscle to do. And around the edges I’m performing music and loving every second i get to play. I wish i could just travel the world and play music, but at the moment I’m more in demand for my fitness, so I’ll just take a deep breath and go for it.
I’ll run until my heart is on fire 🙂

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