Nov 30th – Juggling

Aside from work, I spent a lot of today juggling bits of furniture and possessions – trying to finally get things in order. It’s funny when you step back and look at how many times in your life you spend re-organising and ‘juggling’ the same possessions in different rooms, different houses, different layouts of the same room! If you pushed fast forward on your life it would look like a comedy:) I think of the Mongolian nomads we stayed with (gambolt and his family), and how having such few possessions makes life SO simple. Boring too perhaps, but definitely simple. Make the bed in the morning, make a fire, sweep the floor…job done! No shifting music speakers, filing papers, re-organising and replacing clothes/shoes/, old memories in the form of letters, pictures etc.. I must have a few cases worth of old letters and pictures and little memories.

It’s hard to know exactly why we keep them, but I guess for me it’s partly because i know I’ll forget them otherwise, and i love being nostalgic. And I look forward one day to sitting down with kids or grandchildren and sharing some of these memories of my life. If I relied on my own memory – without the little nik-naks or letters or photos to remind me – I just know I;d forget most of it and probably end up re-telling the same two or three stories about my childhood! That’s what my nan in Serbia does now if you ask her about chidhood. It’s boiled down to about 4 or 5 main stories and all the amazing detail and fascinating experiences and thoughts…they’re all lost and gone. It’s a shame really. In the course of a 60 or 70 or 80 year lifetime, even the most boring of people would have an amazing amount of stories to tell if they could remember them — and if they were good story tellers – and even better if they had little things to remind them.

So I guess I’m trying to walk a nice balance at the moment. I’m getting rid of as much stuff as possible to make life simple. But then I’m making sure to keep all the things that have good memories of stories attached to them. Example: I’m going to sell one of my nicest guitars this week. Don’t really need it if I’m honest. But I’m going to keep the straw hat that my host made me in Papua New Guinea when i canoed down the aligator infested river. And i’m also going to keep the hilarious little drawings me and my brother did of each other whilst sitting in church as 10 and 12yr old kids – basically trying to exaggerate each other’s facial features in a way that would annoy the other one! So my brother’s sketch really exaggerates the chubby cheeks i had as a youngster, and mine really exaggerates his nose so that he looks like a shark. I love lttle things like that & there’s no way i’m getting rid of those. but I will sell that guitar! Any takers? :))

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