Nov 29th – vocal inflections

One of the highlights of today was exercising in the rain with my friend and colleague Ben, following a very productive meeting about the future of the Hour of Power workout in the UK. The meeting lasted about 3hours, after which we all faced long drives home – so I knew I needed to train to break it all up. We had already discussed the idea of training in the park after the meeting & I had said that we’d do it no matter what the weather conditions…

So here we were today, meeting concluded and looking outside the window to see nothing but heavy rain and cold wind! But my feeling is that if you commit to something then you’d better follow through with it – so we trained out in the pouring rain – did 200 dumbbell lifts – and it was great!

In some ways easier than training in a beautiful health club, for one simple reason: every lift I completed out there in th rain was one more lift than most people would do in those circumstances, so it gave me a feeling of succeeding against the odds. In a heath club however, sometimes I feel like it’s all there on a plate for me & therefore no great achievement to do a good workout. I guess I’m obsessed with challenging myself and doing things against the odds. Not really an unhealthy obsession, but probably a bit of an obsession nonetheless! but it keeps my days interesting…

Just spoke to my brother in a far off country. Realised that sometimes I need to remind myself to be outwardly enthusiastic , cos my normal demeanor/ is quite low-key – & sometimes that can be interpreted as unenthusiastic. I think my brother thought i was unenthusiastic about the phone call. It’s weird cos on the inside i feel enthusiastic, but on the outside it comes out as fairly laid-back. Maybe something i’ll have to consciously try to shift a little bit from time to time. Vocal inflections – not something that necessarily comes naturally to your average British-born chap! 🙂

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  1. Allison says:

    I totally know what you mean about training in harder conditions vs. a gym. If I run on a treadmill it’s just not the same as running outside (no matter what the weather) and running up and down all of the hills. And committing to a certain training schedule keeps me on track with my running. No matter what the weather I know that there is a race coming up and I had better train or I will be hurting at the race. Always enjoy your insights.

  2. Emma W says:

    ….and there was me thinking you were quiet and boring… 🙂
    Seriously, you’re bonkers training in the rain, said one exercise nut to the other! Enjoying your album.

    Hope the biz is going well, see you soon.


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