Nov 27th – bloody brilliant day

All i can say is that this afternoon/evening was a bloody brilliant day. After finishing my work for the day, then re-organising the layout of my bedroom to make sure that from now on I wake up facing the sun (which seems like it’ll be better) I then went out and enjoyed some fantastic company overlooking London in the cold autumn sunshine, from an amazing and unique vantage point of a treetop. Not something you can really describe without being there yourself, but reminded me that the best things in life happen spontneously and in the company of people who are up for stepping outside the norm. It’s not important to always be different and quirky, but it is important to have the guts to do the fun things you wanna do – not matter how quirky they are. I remember being 20yrs old at university and wanting to do all kinds of fun stuff, but facing so much resistance and reluctance because mostly people just wanted to go out drinking at the bar. Sure, that is quite fun to do…but only quite fun – not massively fun. 🙂

And then from the fun fair I went to an amazing gig of a friend of mine at Ronnie Scotts, and was reminded of how good some musicians are and how great it is to appreciate musical talent in others. Of course it makes me feel inspired and challenged to be a better musician, but actually it just inspired me to remember that anything you want to excell at takes massive amounts of hard work. Sometimes I look at my level of work in the areas i wish to excell in, and i realise that it’s pretty pathetic. I guess that’s allowed me to keep my life well balanced…but when you watch people who are truly excellent at what they do, it inspires you to want to be the best you can be too.

So today had everything you could want from a day: freezing cold showers(!), autumn sun, a picnic up a tree, a ride at the fun-fair, amazing live music at a world-famous venue, great company, london town at it’s best & coming back to my room at the end of the night realising that I am very spoiled and fortunate to live the life I live. On the radio on my drive home I listened to two ladies speaking about life in Zimbabwe and their struggle to speak-up about & overcome the injustices being experienced by many people there, and it reminded me of something i often thought when i was away filming in the tribes…that no matter how fast and stressful and cold and mundane life can feel in grey old England, the truth is that simply having the freedom to make choices on a daily basis, to live life beyond basic survival, to be free to do creative things & to dream big dreams…these are things we take for granted. But they are great freedoms and when i remember to appreciate them it drives me so much to want to not only strive for the things i believe in, but also enjoy life in everyway i can. humour, experiences, music, travel – whatever I can fit in.

That’s what freedom really means – not just the asbsence of oppression or captivity, but actually the simple blessing of having choices in every area of life. What an amazing freedom that really is.

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  1. rita knipe says:

    Thank you you inspired me.


  2. Rania says:


    Those words are like a prayer

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