Nov 26th – heavy laptops

My laptop is extremely heavy. I realise that I of all people should have no problem with carrying a heavy weight around since in about two months time I hope to officially set a guinness world record in endurance lifting. But the fact remains…my laptop is annoyingly heavy! I took it with me on my bke as i cycled around London today to different appointments – and of course it turned out I didn’t use it at all. So as I cycled home this evening, quite worn out after cycling around London and then teaching an Hour of Power class, then cycling home…I was feeling almost too tired to cycle & wondering if there was anywhere else i could sleep other than home! Maybe that’s a bit of the tribal side of me, but if the weather was good in this country I’m pretty sure I would have just slept in a park or on a beach or anywhere comfortable. But England is too cold and society doesn’t work that way – you’re not allowed to just sleep anywhere!

Since setting myself that challenge of doing all my new tests, one thing has become quite clear….doing anything 100% consistently is really really tough. For example even writing my blog!

But I’ll keep on keeping on and do this test properly and write down my conclusions when i get to the end of the month!

happy cycking for me….

and sleeping!!

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  1. Sedna says:

    You should buy a notebook, it’s so small and light (around 1kg),and cheap in compare to usual laptops.And it’s really enough for basic use …unless you are an extrem geek gamer!

    Or Option2 : try an electric bicycle…

    I don’t think that it’s the consistency wich is the hardest.
    Doing exactly the same thing everyday, just in purpose to do it.. then yes it is incredibly hard.
    But if you do it for a good reason, then it become easy.
    Maybe the reason you’ve choosen to do this challenge is not strong enough, or doesn’t mean enough to you?? (In fact you prove the contrary ,because you don’t give up)
    (Just my personal “bar-room” philosophy)
    Have a bloody brilliant night! And keep going!

    • randa gedeon says:

      Reasons for doing smoething are always strong enough else we wouldn’t even think of doing them in the first place. Especially when someone like Rajko decides to focus on something and put on hold his passion for music. It’s not that the reasons are not strong enough, it’s that there is a balance in how driven we are and we cannot always be 100% coz we are human and we need to follow a natural pace of growth and life doesn’t always allow us to be consistent but R doing just fine, in fact better than fine. I wish we could all have the courage to start something we want to do and build it up like that!

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