Nov 21st – Raw Food

Is RAW food the way to go? No meat, no meat products (or dairy), no over-cooking of food…just RAW! There are some people who absolutely swear by it as the only truly healthy way to feed your body, and i fact a good friend of mine recovered from Terminal cancer and is now a Raw food convert. I met a girl today who is a Raw food convert and talking to her about it I realised that i’ve never before truly questioned whether i should eat meat. I guess when i was in mongolia for Last Man Standing and i had to be involved in the whole castration of the sheep, and boiling of sheep’s balls…well honestly that made me question eating meat for a few hours. But the next day I was probably tucking into some nice cooked meat!

But today I at least thought about it from a few different angles: whether it’s needed by the body; whether it’s good for the body; whether it is a higher way of living to eat only RAW food? So it’s something I’d like to explore.

Really enjoyed playing a few songs tonight and training with some good friends in the morning , and meeting some new friends this evening. All in all a great day!

Anyway, one thing i can say for sure: fresh squeezed apple, carrot and ginger is a phenomenal combo. don;t know if I could survive on it and dont know if I could do the RAW thing in its entirety. But then again I can do the whole cold Shower thing and it really doesn’t seem like a big deal now. So maybe it would be a similar thing with RAW food diet. You just commit to it and enjoy the benefits of doing it. Let’s see…. Perhaps i can get some more thoughts and reports from people who’ve done it or are doing it – and then maybe give it a try myself.

good night!

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