Nov 20th – Fight Stopper

I awoke to an unusual but very cool dream this morning. In the dream i was chatting to a friend who happened to be a champion Jiu-Jitsu fighter and while we were chatting, two big guys in front of us started squaring off – clearly about to get into a fight. It was one of those situations where you know that any second a punch will be thrown and a messy fight will break out, and so usually a good idea to steer well clear. But in the dream I very confidently stood in front of one of the guys and put my hands on his shoulders, and just shook him in a friendly way and smiled. He was really angry and volatile, but in a split second he recognised me from Last Man Standing and his face lit up into a smile and he laughed. You could tell he wanted to be angry still, but he was now just laughing because I think I’d completely taken him by surprise. I gave him a kind of manly hug and we both laughed as we walked separate ways. So in my dreams I am a fight stopper…which is good I guess.

But in a strange way the dream is not too far off reality in the sense that if ever somebody recognises me from Last Man Standing, it is almost always in a very friendly and happy way. Not the kind of adulation people give hollywood actors or big ‘stars’, but more like as if they are seeing an old school friend for the first time in years. It’s actually very nice and I feel privileged to be recognised for a good thing.

Quite a non-stop day of work and meetings today, and so looking forward to a day-off tomorrow. good people, good food and good rest. And maybe stop a fight or two if I need to. 🙂

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  1. randa gedeon says:

    ‘ A thousand and one nights’ blog is lovely to follow and one night’s dream can predict a lifetime of success.
    The dream’s ‘Smile’ is Good and Last Man Standing theme could be a forerunner to a huge Success Story in your current chosen field 🙂
    Shared Big Love for fellow Man and ‘manly hug’ as valuable as timely selective affection. Might turn out to be a very good day at work for you then R.

    Alexa .’)

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