Nov 19th – Cars make people weird

Today was an excellent day. I will admit, the cold showers thing is not so easy at 6am when you’re cold and tired…but it still works. But even harder than the cold shower is the challenge of sitting up in bed the moment I wake up and saying ‘today is gonna be a bloody brilliant day’. That is SO hard to do. The moment you wake up, the last thing you feel like doing is sitting bolt upright in bed and you don’t really feel like saying anything – let alone something as absurd as ‘today is gonna be a bloody brilliant day’. But you know what – it is the fact that it’s absurd that makes it work. Even if I don’t sit up in bed and even if I don’t say it aloud, the very fact of making it my first thought makes me smile. And i think it’s because it’s so absurd 🙂

I completed a very important project today for the Hour of Power class – something that has taken me many months to complete, and was first started in 2005!! So it was a great relief to finish it today. I’ll say more when it has gone through…but for now I don’t want to jinx anything.

But I will say that there was one thing that really bugged me today. A lady in a fancy car! But actually it’s nothing to do with the fact that it was a lady – because yesterday it was a man. Somehow, when people are in cars they feel like they are in their own special bubble and that the normal rules of courtesy and humanity no longer apply. And i’m not even talking about bad driving. Bad driving just makes me laugh. But there’s something that winds me up so much I feel like blocking the road and having a good old one-to-one chat with the person & making them see the error of their ways! And what i’m referring to is the people who blank you when you are trying to get their attention. Yesterday it was a pompous man in a fancy car in Kensington. He was in one of the last remaining spaces on a street where i really needed to park to get to my class on time, and his car was on and he looked like he might be leaving any second. So I pulled up next to him so that our windows were within a foot of each other & tried to ask him if he’d be leaving soon. Though he could clearly see me, he just kept looking straight ahead and completely ignored me. Didn’t even shake his head or give me a response. Just blanked me! And so after waiting a few seconds thinking that he’d buckle in the end and admit that i existed…i eventually realised that this cretin was not worth my time & i loudly said ‘THERE’s no need to be rude – you just had to tell me that you’re not leaving!’ And basically a lady did that to me today as well as i tried to ask her directions. I would understand if I had music blaring or I looked like a thug, or even if she just didn’t trust the look of me. But to not even acknowledge a person exists…wow – that just bugs me beyond belief. What if I was trying to get her attention for something really important…she wouldn’t have a clue. Can you tell that I wanted to teach these two people a lesson! (I don’t mean hit them…but maybe just sit them down and teach them the basics of human courtesy). But like I said…they’re probably lovely people, but their cars have had an evil influence over them! 🙂

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  1. cemenike says:

    It’s the fact that they own a fancy car that they think they rule the world and common ways of decency do not apply to them. They shall learn a very harsh lesson at some point my dear, don’t you worry!! C x

  2. Rania says:

    i have listened to your song “please please” and “last dance”. That just made me cry. Your music is so moving. You have so much sensibility in you…..


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