Nov 17th – Saracens

I just got back from watching the Saracens vs South Africa rugby game at wembley – the first rugby game i’ve ever been to – and i’m faling asleep as i type this! So in brief i think today i’ll just summarise how i did with tests.

Could not concentrate on the ‘what do i want from my future’ 10 minute focus time. I’d start thinking about something and then drift off on a complete tangent. So i think i need to get a clearer picture of where i want to go in my life—and then i’ll be able to think about it with less distraction. But it was quite funny to slap myself in the face each time i lost focus 🙂

Did 150lifts of 22kg dumbbells at Gymbox in London, so i fulfilled my energy output minimum. May start an Hour of Power at Gymbox in the new year – they’re interested and I like them, so it might work out for Jan.

literally just fell asleep at computer, so i will just keep this one brief. But just to say – cold showers are a doddle. in fact they are the best. they wake you up like nobody’s business!

See you tomorrrow


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  1. Kane says:

    Cold showers are extraordinary! So much superior to warm showers. I feel so revitalized after one. You turned me on to cold showers in one of your blogs at the beginning of the year- now i’ll never go back to warm. It’s changed my life (lol, well sort of anyway). My sincerest gratitude for that free gift of wisdom!

  2. Lainy says:

    your month of random tests… I like very much, a great way to re-focus and assess what you would like to do next :0) This is a similar thing I have to do when my life starts to become a muddle and I think that I am going to start losing all order and control, not a nice feeling to have and it’s just not me at all.

    … by the way, the cold showers do work but I’ve always taken a hot one first then switch to cold, it is a great start to the day especially if I’m up at the crack of dawn.

    The CD arrived today, brilliant, I’m really looking forwarding to listening to it in a mo, whilst trying to get on with some work.

    Love your blog Rajko, take care …

    Love Elaine xx

    PS: Oh yes my hair is still full of curls and lots of life ;0)x

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