Nov 16th – test day 1

It’s really late. I had hoped to get to bed early every night this week – but that will have to start tomorrow! Just came back from an Hour of Power class in Kensington, and it’s amazing just how much…power I in that class. It is phenomenally energising, whilst at the same time totally energy depleting – funny combination.

Today my day of tests begins. Basically they are things I’m gonna do for a month to see the effect. I guess I like to conclude things with assurance and clarity…and so sometimes you have to be quite specific in your actions in order to make meaningful conclusions…so anyway, here are a few of the things that make up my month of tests (definitely not in order of importance) :

1. I’m going to only take freezing cold showers – no matter how difficult that is.

2. I’m going to perform one definite random act of kindness every day and as I’m doing it I’m going to say to the person, ‘aren’t I a good boy!’ Just joking – although that would be quite funny to say.:)

3. I’m going to spend 10mins every day thinking about what’s important to me and where i’m going this next 6months. In order to fulfill this I’m going to time myself with a watch. and if i lose concentration for even a second i’m going to slap myself in the face! (again, just joking, but again – would be funny to do 🙂

4. I’m going to commit to achieving a minimum energy output every day – no matter how tired or unmotivated or busy I am. This may be in the form of dumbbell lifts, squats, push-ups, step-ups or pull-ups – essentially anything involving vertical movement or vertical resistance – so that i can measure the energy with a simple formula. Weight x vertical distance x repetitions
This is to test the theory that we need a rest day & also to see what it does for me to have that level of daily training discipline. My minimum energy output is going to be 20,000units of energy (perhaps I should hook myself up to the energy board)

5. i’m going to be on time for every appointment i have – and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

6. I’m going to not do anything out of obligation or duty – unless I have pre-determined what it is and it’s on this list. Anything else will only be done out of inspiration or a sincere desire to do it – not guilt or pressure or expectation.

7. I’m going to sit-up immediately when i wake up (within two seconds) and do the Jerry Maguire thing of saying something ludicrously positive…immediately! In Jerry Maguire he says ‘today is gonna be a great day’. I might just steal that one but slightly anglicise it and make it ‘today is gonna be a bloody brilliant day’. I’m gonna do this not because I expect every day to be perfect., but just to see what effect it has to say that as the first thought and words in my mind when i wake.

8. I’m gonna sell or give away everything I don’t really need – including a couple of guitars I have had for a long time. I don’t have that much stuff – but i still have way more than i need. I wanna see how it feels to reduce to the bare essentials.

9. I’m gonna be as honest as i possibly can in every interaction. That’s not very specific – but I will make that my aim. Radical honesty as my brother’s book called it. A really hard thing to do for someone used to keeping the peace and not ruffling feathers – but worth a try.

10. I’m gonna write this blog everyday for a month – with no exceptions

That’s it. And in case you’re reading this and think ‘I doubt he’ll do all of that’ well you could be right…but I don’t think so! 🙂

Time to sleep – gonna be an interesting day tomorrow. Or should I say, a bloody brilliant day.


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  1. Lony says:

    When we really want, we can 😉

    Only you, can decide to stop, or to go until the end…

  2. Jude says:

    …point no.5….nearly fell off my…good luck with that ;o)

  3. jenny pc says:

    i will try to make it also , a list and hold on it , yours are great , but i wouldn t be able to do all of it , like number 4 your your the pro , but i will try it in my own level and number 1 would be kinda hard for me , i already have no heat , but sometimes i must take cold showers because there isn t warm water .
    wish you luck , and hope you find out what you are looking for

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