Nov 15th – My Test

Just came back from listening to about 2000 choir singers singing the Hallelujah Chorus at the Royal albert Hall. Amazing to hear that many voices in unison. The same kind of power as a football crowd singing their anthems…but a bit more tuneful and a bit more on the beat! At times I must say that I was ready to fall asleep and I reckon the composer Handel must have been just ‘filling time’ at certain sections of the composition (bit boring!)…but then at other times it was just goose-bump amazing!

I might start writing a daily blog. On one hand it’s a bigger commitment cos it’s daily instead of weekly – but on the other hand it’s simpler because at the end of the week i’ve thought and experienced so many things that sometimes i don’t have a clue where to start my blog. So I’m gonna try doing a shorter one every day – and see how that goes.

Tomorrow morning I’m beginning a little test. I’m gonna test various aras of my life and try doing certain things slightly differently. for instance I’m going to begin an Energy Output Chain (i’ll explain more tomorrow), I’m going to try taking ONLY cold showers at all times (!) including when the weather is freezing and my heating isn’t working; I’m going to only do things I’m inspired to do – not things I feel I should be doing; I’m going to follow an eating plan and be a bit more specific about my nutrition…and i’m going to try spending 10mins each day thinking about what’s important to me in life and where I’m headed. That’s a very brief outline of how I’m going to Test life for a whiile. A bit like an experiment where you change certain variable and see what the overall result is..and then draw conclusions from that. Sometimes I feel that I’ve drawn the conclusion based on what I think should be the case – not based purely on what I’ve experienced to be the case. So I’m gonna test that.

See you tomorrow…


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