US Music Tour – no ‘Bitter End’

They say making it in America is the hardest thing a musician could ever hope to do. Not someone to turn away from a challenge, Rajko, unsigned and self-suffiicient, decided to ‘take on the giant’ in an independent 3month tour of the USA. Perhaps the numeorus and unrelenting challenges he faced on Last Man Standing were his encouragement that anything is possible, or perhaps simply his belief that an artist with passion and something to say cannot fail – either way, Rajko’s tour was a bold effort by an entrepreneurial musician and took him from West coast to East Coast and some fine venues along the way.

The tour was supported by Rajko’s long time band Nik Ironside wood on accompanying guitar, and Adrianne Winninsky on Cello. Full details, photos, recording and video footage of the tour is soon to appear on

Review of Rajko’s performance at New York’s ‘The Cutting Room’.

“It’s unusual to find a musician whose good looks can be outdone by his music – thankfully, Rajko delivers the whole package onstage. His voice, charisma and spiritual yet lovey-dovey lyrics will leave you eating out of the palm of his hand. On the song Time, he requests “just a little more” of the title. Hearing it live will leave you wanting a little more Rajko. The man writes his own music, looks like a movie star and sounds like a rock star.”

Kelly Will, columnist for the New York Daily News

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