The Dragan Challenge – Most exciting challenge at this year’s Bodypower

Dragan Challenge with Ronnie Coleman. Fitness4x4. Rajko

Ronnie Coleman does Dragan Challenge

This year’s Dragan Challenge raised the roof of this years Bodypower Expo – on Day 1 & 2!

With 4 teams of 5 athletes filling the stage with muscle, sweat and determination…the crowd swelled to see who would win this new relay event, and roared with encouragement as the Race reached its climax. When the fastest two teams were forced to battle it out in a sudden-death final lift, the noise of the crowd – egged on by commentators Mark Hoban and Rajko (Last Man Standing) – reached fever pitch. The UK North team squeezed ahead winning by an extraordinary margin of only 2 lifts, and laid down the gauntlet for an amazing re-match next year.

Day Two’s Original Dragan Challenge began with a guest lifting appearance from bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman, who stood magnificently between father and son endurance champions Dragan and Rajko, curling and pressing two 16kg dumbbells with expected ease. But not even this man could have matched what was to come….850 lifts from champion Steve Elwood, ousting Aaron Barnett by just 20reps in a marathon lifting event to a capacity crowd.

Event sponsors Maximuscle (day 1) and NITE watches (day 2) provided the prizes for the winners, and sent the winning athletes away happy – and the losing athletes more determined than ever to win next year’s event.

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