St James School Visit – COUPON CODE UPDATE

st-james-schools-in-londonFollowing a special visit to St James’ school in Olympia, London, Rajko presented 4th and 5th year students with a reminder card intended to motivate and inspire them towards:

1. Continuing to Improve in an area they were already ‘on track’ with & to remember to take pride in their achievements so far, in this particular area √

2. To start making Small Steps towards a goal which they were not yet on-track with, but which they would like to be. √

3. To make one small nutritional improvement for the next 7days. √

4. To add one daily exercise to their weekly routine, using tools and techniques worked on with Rajko in the well-being workshops held by Rajko at the school.  √


Important Note:   The discount coupon offered to students interested in purchasing Rajko’s ‘Hour of Power’ Workout DVD at half price from the store, will only work if entered into the coupon box in all lower-case letters. 



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