SOFIA Magazine Article

Rajko - Last Man Standing (In suite) In June of 2009 Rajko featured in Serbia’s leading lifestyle magazine SOFIA. Rajko tells us about being interviewed for the article:

‘The article was great. They not only wrote about my Last Man Standing experiences and musical endeavours, but they also wrote about how I experienced life as someone born in Britain, but to parents of Balkan descent. In fact my upbringing was strongly influenced by my Yugoslavian roots (I still say Yugoslavia because i have family from Srbia, Montenegro and Croatia!) especially in terms of the food, the music and even how my mum kept the home. Always open to guests, always food available and always something going on.

They entitled the artilcle “Indiana Jones with a Guitar” which i thought was very funny. But for me growing up, Indiana jones was certainly the coolest adventurer on TV, so i took it as a compliment!

The article will be available to read in full on Rajko’s music page. Coming Soon.


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