Review of Album Launch

It has become a tradition to view Valentine ‘s Day as the day of overspending in the hope perhaps of recapturing the times of our romantic heroes such as Romeo and Juliet and the old Greats.For some I am sure, Valentine ‘s Day takes on a different meaning but since a very young age I have believed in Magic and refuse to be thwarted in my attempts to keep that dream alive.

This Valentine’s absolutely lived up to our expectations and those of so many others gathered at the Player Lounge on Saturday night. In some ways it even redefined what Valentine ‘s Day could mean: a day of sharing the magic with many rather than building an exclusive bubble for two.
Magic was brought to all of us through an evening of music and songs written and performed by Rajko.

I am sure many of his friends and previous listeners are familiar with his music but for those of you who are not, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to paint a picture of this magical evening.

Rajko possesses a depth of feeling and empathy for others which draws people to him naturally…So expecting a good evening, I was surprised by a great one.

The player lounge was the perfect setting, cosy, warm and well chosen for an intimate gathering of friends and Rajko’s fellow musicians and singers.
The first thing that struck us upon arrival was a sense of warm and happy energy, a golden aura, a ‘Midas’ coating that engulfed the audience in a sense of comfort and security. I believe places and spaces take on the attributes of the people within them and this started me thinking that the evening was what we all hoped it would be. I was not disappointed.
I looked around at the faces seated beside me and around the lounge and only saw smiling eyes, friendship, encouragement and yes a long forgotten sense of hope, during our century’s times of saturation and cynicism.
I couldn’t quite pin point it then but once Rajko started chatting with his friends gathered around him, I realised it was a genuine feeling of encouragement and support they were giving him, which I hadn’t seen in a very long time. Of course Rajko also showed his gratitude freely to the artists working with him as well as the listeners who were there.
Once the evening started, Rajko’s music reached out to those gathered at the lounge and I could feel people were identifying with the words and melodies he had written.

His album is sincere, the music original and the words straight from the heart, a story of growth and self discovery. Rajko managed to paint us a vivid picture of his life journey, his fears, joys and wishes.
His music reached out to us and I found the sincerity and courage of such a generous willingness to share very refreshing in this day and age.

Musically, the album is consistent, strong and Rakjo mentioned building from it and going in a slightly new direction for his next one. The melodies were closely intertwined with the words, giving you a sense that they indeed belong together, to draw a visual picture of the feelings Rajko wants to share with, and evoke in the listeners.

You often see and hear of artists succeeding quickly and hungering for the power of fame and money and it was a treat to see someone so devoid of greed simply taking his time and enjoying sharing his music with us and being confident in a genuine way to bring people closer to the experiences he has had.

Rajko ended the evening by sharing his musical heritage with us, remembering his roots and singing a few songs in his native tong, the pride we saw there was very endearing and reminded us of our own sense of belonging. With this recognition comes also the realisation that like Rajko we may travel and expand our minds with knowledge of different cultures and people but that we also all share a universal sense of pride in who we are and where we come from.

I think real talent like Rajko’s should be encouraged, someone so genuine about Music and so imaginative in his song writing will go a long way and I strongly encourage you to listen to the album and attend the next evening of magic he holds.

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