Rajko’s Debut Album – Officially Released

Rajko’s new album is now on official release in independent record stores, via Itunes and as a special edition (with 6page Album-Pack & 16page colour booklet) via the Rajko.tv Shop. It features 14 original tracks recorded over the past 18months with the help of Rajko’s longtime accompanist Nik Ironside Wood – on Classical guitar and piano – and the talented Adrianne Winninsky on Cello. The album was engineered and co-produced by Rajko and Jeff Ross.

Listener Review
‘the more i listen, the more i am mesmorized by the sound, the lyrics, the voice…reminiscent of other artists….damien rice, sarah maclachlan, brooke fraser… sometimes in the sound and sometimes in just the intense emotion of the music arrangement and lyrics…very few and far between are the artists that permeate your soul and resonate with your life experience and deep thought and feeling. It is appreciated only in perhaps a small market, but appreciated so very much’
K Tavleev

Visit the Shop page on this site to buy your copy of the album and leave your own album review.

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