Rajko & Andrijana perform at emotive Remembrance Services.


Music to help people remember…

On Sunday the 14th December, Rajko and Andrijana performed music for two emotive and uplifting Services of Remembrance dedicated to the families of those who have lost a loved one in the past 18months. The services, held at St Mary’s church in Weybridge and St Johns Church in Hillingdon were two of a series of events sponsored by Lodge Bros, aimed at bringing people together to focus on the essence of Christmas, to enjoy delicate music and perhaps most of all, to remember.

Rajko and Andrijana’s music welcomed people in and accompanied proceedings throughout the two services, with a particularly poignant moment in both services being the candle-lighting ceremony, where individuals lit candles for their loved ones, accompanied by instrumental music from R & A.
Whilst the majority of the music played was original works by Rajko and Andrijana (including’Following the Star’, ‘White Fields’ and ‘The Way the Water runs’) classically trained Andrijana also performed some select works of Frederic Chopin.

“for Andrijana and I, both events were really a beautiful thing to be a part of. – we were very conscious that our music on this occasion was an important backdrop to a very meaningful occasion for many people, and it made us want to play every note with extra care, and real emotion – not just because we are proud of the music we play, but because we too were thinking of loved ones lost. I think Lodge Bros did a wonderful thing in putting on these events and the feedback we received from people in attendance was warm, grateful and heartfelt, which made it all the more special for us too.” (RAJKO)


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