New Zealand and USA

Having just returned from a short trip to New Zealand and the USA, I can safely say that the body was not designed to change time zones so quickly.  There’s a reason it would take a few months to sail around the world…it would give your body a chance to adapt –  gradually!  But, perhaps all considered it’s a little more convenient to do 24hours flying instead of 3months at sea, even if it means temporary Zombification upon arrival.

What a fantastic trip though. As well as a chance to see some great new places, and spend time with family and old friends, I used the time to do some filming and photographing of Hour of Power, Fitness4x4 and my 100Club Challenge.  Perhaps the most enjoyable 100Club challenge I have done to date was the one i did in Matakana (northland) in the 4-Square supermarket there. It was just a lot of fun pumping the dumbbells in the middle of the isle, whilst the owner smiled a lot and proudly showed us around his store…offering me a cold can of beer at the end of my challenge! I guess that epitomised the New Zealand style…do plenty of crazy challenges and adventure sports, but don’t take anything too seriously and forget about the protein shake – have a cold beer.

The Hour of Power club in St Heliers (New Zealand), led by my older brother Luka and Saul Taylor, is probably located in the nicest studio in the world. they truly have it sussed. Ok sure Club Kensington is trendy and Loughborough is the top sports university in Europe, but at the Hour of Power class in St Helier’s Yacht Club you get to do the Hour of Power in an amazing beach studio on stilts, overlooking the ocean and taking in a spectacular sunset at the end of every class! What could possibly top that?

So, my experience of New Zealand – I guess it’s everything i expected it to be. A great pace of life, wonderful scenery, friendly laid-back people and an excellently dodgy accent.  Next blog I will write a little about my recent re-union of Last Men Standing. Let’s just say the competitive spirit was still in full force 🙂

Sweet as!


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