Last Man Standing

In 2007 Rajko was selected as one of 6 elite athletes who would travel the world in search of the most remote tribes, learn their unique indigenous sports and then compete against the local experts – trying to beat them at their own games. The documentary was a co-production by Discovery Channel and the BBC and took over 14months to film. The athletes were taken to 12 far-flung locations and some of the most unusual and remote tribes in the world.

Rajko sustained several serious injuries along the way, including broken bones and torn ligaments, but he battled through his injuries to end the series tied in first place. His unfaltering efforts despite his injuries showed Rajko to have an enduring spirit and created highly memorable programme highlights throughout the series – moments which captivated and inspired programme viewers the world over.


The documentary has now been shown in more than 20 countries worldwide and continues to make its way around the globe. In the UK the documentary was also sold as a 2-part DVD, of which there are just 15 limited editions signed copies in the Rajko.TV store.

“ It’s taken me about two years to fully recover from Last Man Standing, including reconstructive knee surgery, but it has given me memories and experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime. Memories that are in some cases almost too colourful to be true. I have enough crazy stories now that when I eventually have kids and need some bedtime stories to tell, all I’ll need to do is think back to my year filming Last Man Standing and I’ll have all the stories and all the characters I need!

The show stretched me to my limits in ways I’ve never been stretched before: physical, psychological, emotional… At times it was terribly hard (sitting motionless and up to my neck in a cold river in Indonesia for 4hours as part of an initiation process or running 15miles in car-tyre sandals across Mexican roughland to name but two small challenges in a year of madness!), but at the end of it all I came out stronger, more sure of who I am and definitely proud of my contribution. In a way, that was the biggest relief – to have survived the experience with my pride intact, and come out the other side knowing I could not have put any more into it. “

Rajko has given many inpirational talks about his experiences on Last Man Standing and is an accomplished public speaker. Drawing on not only his successes but also his struggles and filling in the gaps with captivating stories of behind the scenes action, Rajko leaves audiences captivated and motivated by his down-to-earth style.

“ Of course the cameras captured as much as they could of the experience, but the reality of it was that most of the time we were alone with our particular tribal family, in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do except immerse ourselves in their culture and in their day-to-day lives. And sometimes that’s where the real adventure began… ”

You can read more about Rajko’s adventure in his Last Man Standing Diaries