Martin Luther King

I was reading a good book this morning, in which it quoted Martin Luther King from a speech he gave just 2weeks before he was killed. In the speech he was talking about what he would want his life to be remembered for whenever he dies. He said at his funeral he didn’t want any mention of his nobel peace prize, or in fact any awards he’d won. He also said he didn’t want the person to talk for very long about him. He said that he’d just want it remembered that he did his best to love and serve his fellow man…and that he’d lived a committed life.

“If I can help somebody as I pass along…if I can cheer somebody with a word or a song…if I can show somebody he’s travelling wrong, then my living will not be in vain”  Martin Luther King

I often look at politics and think it’s barely worth me voting cos there’s no-one on either political side that I genuinely believe in. And so it’s easy to think the only thing that matters is ‘doing what I wanna do and being happy’. But I believe that there are different kinds of happiness…

You’ve got the kind of happiness which comes from entertainment & pleasure and then the kind that comes from the simple things in life & caring as much about other’s happiness as your own. I think of this type as more of a ‘Joy’ than simply ‘happiness’.  Any fool can be momentarily happy. Junk food can make you happy for a few minutes. A good comedy can make you happy for an evening. Buying something nice – or even better, winning something nice (!) can make you really happy for a short while. But that’s not Joy. Joy comes from bigger things than that. And that’s what Martin Luther King was talking about I think.  The joy of trying your best, of giving your best, of caring about others as much as yourself, of weeding out the junk from your life and having discipline in the good things. That’s a feeling of joy which lasts much much longer….

So as I enter day 20 of my Dragan Challenge, the thing that’s on my mind is not so much the things that make me happy about the challenge:  that i definitely feel stronger mentally and physically after only 20days; that it’s definitely having a good effect on body-shape and definition; that I am accomplishing something lots of people would consider really hard to do….etc). These things make me happy. But beyond that I realise that the 100 lifts are just a little piece of the puzzle. That yes, you’ve got to look after yourself and challenge yourself and keep yourself at your best. But not just to serve your self or your own desire to feel good/look good.  But to then be able to put that strength, self-confidence, energy towards making the lives of the people around you better.

Do I think Martin Luther King died a happy man? No, cos he looked at such a rotten society around him and saw how hard it is to change people. But do I think he died a joyful man. Yes I do.

And as I do my 100 lifts today I may not be happy (cos it’s tough for me to lift on a weekend after a week of back-to-back Hour of Power classes) But I will definitely be full of joy that I have the health to do what I’m doing, and that there’s really, truly more to life than this…

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  1. zanderxl says:

    The greatest joy comes from bringing joy to others.

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