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i went to see rob Brydon the comedian last night, and enjoyed an evening of hearing him talk about his journey towards where he is now…the highs and the lows. And as with most people who ‘make it’ usually there were a lot of pretty low moments on the journey to ‘success’. I realise I’m using a lot of ‘inverted commas’ in this first paragraph, but that seems the easiest way of hinting that not everything is clearcut. What does it mean to make it big or achieve success? Is the person who achieves business success but a failed family still a success? Is the artist who composes an unforgettable song but is an awful character really someone who’s ‘made it’ in life? I don’t believe so.

I have immense respect for good husbands and good fathers and strong families – that is a success. And by all accounts someone like rob Brydon seems to have done both – and if so then all credit to him.

Life is full of the successes that are bold and visible and these are the ones many of us chase. But its also full of the successes that are quiet and seemingly unrewarded. But those are the really great ones. The personal victories in challenges of character, mental strength, judgement, discipline…or simply doing the basics really well.
Getting back on track after a low point – that’s a huge victory…

Speaking of which, I missed my 100lifts yesterday so I failed the challenge…but that can happen, and so I’m ignoring it and back on track today!

100 lifts on 18kgs…
Training diary continued…

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