lifting in the rain, barefoot and scantily clad

Last night’s dumbbell lifting session was amazing. Yet again I had failed to plan my day well and found myself getting to 11pm having not done my 100lifts.  If there’s one thing this 30-day challenge has really shown me is that when you don’t plan…things are MUCH harder!

The rain was just drizzling lightly and the temperature was not at all cold. Also I generally dont like training indoors when i can train outside. So I decided to embrace the situation fully and stripped down to just a pair of shorts and went out into the rain to lift some weights. I guess because it is such a strange thing to do, that somehow made it more enjoyable. It was so peaceful being out there in the solitude of the rain, everyone else tucked up inside their houses or their beds, while I slowly but surely pumped out the minimum 100reps.

And a few things crossed my mind as I was lifting. One was that I decided I was going to try to stay as calm as possible throughout the lifts, no matter how tired I was. I thought it might be interesting to develop a style of training where you are doing something extremely difficult but making it look quite gentle and artistic and easy. And so as the rain poured down and I got past my initial discomfort of having to lift weights in the garden instead of going to bed, my mind started to clear and calm itself nicely & I started using every single small muscle in my body to make the 22kg dumbbell lift as smooth and ‘easy’ as possible. Of course it wasn’t easy – in fact it was harder than normal as a result, but I really liked the concept of Massive Exertion, minimum Fuss.  The opposite of the foolish guys in the gym who make lots of noise & throw the weights down at the end of their set. The opposite of the jogger who is pulling a face like they are really suffering and somehow involved in some kind of self-torture.  Those people are enough to put anyone off exercising for life.

Of course there’s a time and a place for making noise, grimmacing, giving it 110%…but it’s just a fascinating challenge to try to accomplish the same task with no outward signs that you’re suffering. I sometimes do that when I’m taking a freezing cold shower. Instead of physically reacting to the cold water and making the usual sounds associated with freezing-your-ass-off, I calmly rub my shoulders and tilt my head back as if I’m standing in a lovely warm over-size shower in a 5-star hotel.  It’s somehow really amusing to do this because its the complete opposite of what your body wants to do.

And while I lifted I also realised that I’m not very good at keeping track of my progress. I tend to set myself great goals and I think that mostly I do get where I intended to go…but I often completely lose track of how far I’ve come. I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, because like I said, I do somehow tend to accomplish the task I set myself. But perhaps It would be easier and more enjoyable to track my progress a little better?  For example with the lifts…I have no idea how many days I’ve done so far until I check back the date of the blog where i first mentioned the 30-day challenge. All I know is that I set myself a challenge & I have to stick with it until I tell myself I can stop. As to where the finish line is I dont know exactly, but I do know that I will be prepared to go a little further than the finish line, just to be sure that I cross it…  Perhaps that’s it – perhaps that there is my strategy

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  1. ludovic says:

    Really enjoyed reading these blogs bro, keep up the good work and see you soon…

  2. zanderxl says:

    Reminds me of the part of Last Man Standing where the athletes were scarred with the piranna teeth. Trying to show no outward effect even as the blood runs down the limbs.

  3. zanderxl says:

    Just had to say – Day 30 completed!
    No big deal, I suppose, but there you go.
    Have to say thanks for introducing me to the challenge. I have felt myself growing stronger during the process.
    Thanks Rajko.

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