Last Man Standing on BBC2

It was fun to watch the first of the repeated shows on BBC2 tonight. As I’m watching I try to remember exactly how it felt to be there, because sometimes I find myself watching as if I wasn’t there, and i’m just someone watching an entertaining show on TV. But then when i start recalling smells, scenes, incidents, struggles and specific thoughts I had whilst there…then I just can’t believe that I actually took such an amazing trip.

Brazil was a tough one. The wrestling was awkward and the conditions were amazing to look at but not always easy to live in. They had a culture where they expected you to help yourself to food- but the problem was we had no idea where to find the food, or that it was appropriate to help ourselves. Needless to say,Brad and I were constantly hungry for the first few days. We had to sleep in hammocks – which is fine for a few hours, but for a whole night’s sleep tends to leave you feeling very achy. At night all these small cockraoches would come out to play, and when you’d shift in the hammock, it would shake the poles of the hut that the hammock was tied to, and then it would shake a bunch of these cockroaches to fall out of the roof and onto your head! But probably the most irritating of all was this stupid Cockerel that would crow about a hundred times every morning. I couldn’t understand how the locals didn’t just eat it and give themselves a peaceful morning’s sleep…but somehow it didn’t seem to bother them that this foolish creature would screech at the top of its lungs from 5am-7am, right outside our hut. Its funny, it was the things like lack of sleep, lack of food, diorhea, strange climate etc… that made the trips so hard. The wrestling alone was not too bad…but trying to wrestle hard when you haven’t slept or eaten and you’re on and off of the toilet (not literally as there were no toilets) is suddenly a whole lot harder.

I could write so much about every tribe we went to, and in fact i have recorded most of my thoughts in a diary…but back to the here and now.

I’m just getting used to being back in the UK again and I have to admit it’s quite a challenge. I guess its always a challenge and a little bit anxious when you are beginning a new chapter, and in some ways I feel like i am. I had last year all mapped out for me with the filming of Last Man Standing…and then I had my 3month tour in America to focus on. But now I’m back to reality and there are many options of where to focus my energies and my attention…and I want to make sure I focus it in the right area. So i feel like i’m finding my feet a little bit and I don’t always like that feeling. I guess I prefer to be in the thick of it…doing, not thinking about doing! So I guess I’ll simply have to make some choices and run with them…and just re-evaluate after some time if it doesn’t feel right.

My first choice…go to bed. It’s 1.15am!

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  1. Cheryl04 says:

    It’s great to see an update from you. Sounds like you’re at a crossroads in your life which can be both exciting and scary at the same time. I came to that point in my life a few years ago and with the guidance of some people that are more intelligent than I am, I feel I am finally doing what I need to be doing.
    I was finally able to see all of the Last One Standing episodes from a friend that had purchased the DVD set. Let me tell you, if you put into life the heart and soul you put into all of your challenges, you will succeed in just about anything you attempt. Whether it’s your music,fitness or working with children, which you seemed to enjoy from your previous blog. You’ll know when you get there.

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