Last gig…so when’s the next one mate?

Just got back from my last gig… I know my last gig was 10days ago at the 12BAR, but at that time I had forgotten I’d booked with my promoter friend Zaid to do this gig tonight…and I didn’t want to go back on my word. But it was a nice little pub gig & earned me some pennies, and I think I entertained the small crowd who were there. What was very funny though was when at the end of the gig I said ‘ok this is my last song, literally, cos this is my final gig’ and one old guy couldn’t grasp what i was trying to say. HE kept saying, ‘yeah, but when are you back here for your next gig’ and I would say ‘no, this is my last gig’ and he’d say ‘yeah, but when’s your next one?’ It was like a pantomime and very funny, but quite genuine on his part. and I’m going to take it as a great honour – that one old man was so convinced of my musical ablity that he simply could not fathom that I could be stopping! It simply didn’t compute for him! 🙂 brilliant!

And tomorrow morning i travel to Worcester at 6am in the morning to discuss potentially getting involved with a chain of health clubs…so it’s a bit of a late one and early one! But should be interesting and after tomorrow I’ll probably know if it’s something I want to do. The key for me is that i need to be free to fully develop Fitness4x4 and Hour of Power these next 6-12months, and things are really starting to snowball, so that has to be my priority. But if this job offer can tie in with that, then i’ll go for it. It’s been a while since i had a really secure and solid income! And truthfully my lifestyle has suited me perfectly. I really have not minded living on a low budget and living a relatively free and simple life…but it kind of depends how ambitious you are. If you are very ambitious in areas that require money, then you have to have a way to get that money – and usually that means sacrificing a bit of the ‘free life’. Joining the system a little bit. But my plan is to join the system for long enough to make some money to allow me to step back from the system again. i.e make enough money to get my projects going in England and then build my house/fitness retreat/music studio in montenegro…and live in inspriing surroundings 2/3rds of the year at least. That’s the dream. I didn’t spend 10solid minutes thinking about that dream today – but i will tomorrow. On my train journey to Worcester! 🙂

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  1. Rania says:

    hey, where are you ? Waiting for your news… We get used to read your blog every day !!! Hope everything is ok.

    Take care.

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