Just returned from performing at the first ever GigAid in London and it was such a positive and fantastic evening. I just love the whole concept of a great night of music making a significant contribution to a small charity – without people actually having to go out of their way to give, give, give. sometimes the whole fundraising thing and charities asking for donations can be a bit much, but tonight felt different to that. What a pleasurable and fulfilling way to enjoy an evening and contribute to something really worthwhile at the same time. Some things you just know are right and good…

I said on stage tonight that I feel really privileged to be at a point in my life where everything that i’m involved in is things i’m passionate and enthusuastic about. I think that’s a realty fortunate/blessed position to be in – perhaps even more so because its taken me a while to get here.

But as i sit here falling asleep on the sofa, I feel very fulfilled with how tonight went and with being involved with a project like this. Michael Berk and Katie Maddocks were both really full of character and skill and honesty in their performances. I really enjoyed my set, especially some of the songs where the drums and bass kicked in. A couple of songs were a little hard for me because the lyrics were so relevant to me at this very moment. But, i like being free to express myself. If i want to be sad or angry about something, I can sing it exaclty how i feel it. So tonight i just played and sang and enjoyed the thing that fills me with the most life and enthisiasm (performing music!)

And before i literally fall asleep with my head on this keyboard, i’ll sign out with the following thought… If Life goes by in the blink of an eye, maybe I just wont blink for a while…

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  1. Reya says:

    “If Life goes by in the blink of an eye, maybe I just won’t blink for a while.” I like that thought. However, if you fall asleep with your head on the keyboard, chances are you won’t be blinking for at least 6-8 hours depending on how tired you are! Humor aside, I am glad to read that you feel privileged to be at a point in your life where everything that you’re involved in are things that you’re passionate and enthusiastic about. That’s exactly how you should live your Life. A blessed position to be in indeed!

    It’s true that many people search throughout their lives for that very thing. Getting to that point however, where it’s not so much about the searching in Life as it is about the living of Life, can be a struggle. I am replying to your blog because it reflects on a previous blog you wrote on 10 March 2008, where you were asked “what your purpose was in Life?” Big Question! Yes.I believe that we’ll know what our purpose in Life was on the last day we’ve lived our life, and at that moment God will show us a fantastic video, (probably on YouTube), of every moment we lived and all the stuff in that video will have been the purpose of our Life. So, in other words, get on with “IT”. (Whatever “IT” means to each one of us individually.) When God shows you your video Rajko, you will probably be content knowing that you lived your Life passionately and with much enthusiasm!

    I am happy to read that GigAid in London was a success. It would be wonderful if the “fun” in “fundraising” could be more like a GigAid event so that more smaller charities such as “The Claire Sadler Trust Fund” could get a boost.

    Wishing you well,

  2. sunny says:

    blinking allows us to see the beauty of the world when we open our eyes

  3. OpalWonder says:

    Hey Rajko,
    I loved that quote at the end.
    Really great blogs,
    Keep them up

  4. meme_depp says:

    i’m very glad that the Aid Gig went well…it must be extremely rewarding to be able to see how your music touches people! So few people take the risk to do what they really want to do with their life, most simply settle. It sounds like you enjoy what you do…music is such a huge part of who we are as people. Wishing you the best of luck in everything you do!!!

    I agree life goes by too quickly…maybe more of us should stop blinking!

    Crème Brûlée can never be JELLO!

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