Jan ’09 – week 2

What a cold week we’ve had in England! I guess not cold compared to what many other countries experience…but cold for us! No cold enough to dissuade me from my cold shower in the morning though. I am a big believer in the cold shower. Ok I wont deny that a hot shower or bath is a real treat, but when it comes to waking myself up and feeling good as i start the day – the cold shower leads the way, no question. For me its one of those things where i ask myself – do I want to feel good right now for a few minutes, or for the whole morning, and from experience I’ve found that the hot shower in the morning feels great as I’m having it, but then leaves me feeling lethargic and still sleepy…as well as a bit dried out and a bit chilly. Whereas the cold shower is pretty hardcore, but then afterwards I feel alert, alive and warm! Well, Its just one of those things you have to try…if you’ve got what it takes 🙂

Other than cold weather and cold showers…

Began work on some new music material, as well as some music video projects. One of which has been put together by a talented editor (Patrick) and when I watched it I was overcome with emotion. It’s a song of mine that Patrick made a video for using Last Man Standing footage, and the combination of a song that means a lot to me, with a series of powerful memories from the most amazing adventure of my life, and seeing all the guys I spent that year with….it was a moving experience for me. It’s a strange thing to cry out of something other than sadness, but a lovely thing. Probably when i was younger I would have been embarassed to cry out of happiness, but nowadays I realise that life is too short to be embarassed about anything natural and good. And I think back to my grandfather who I remember crying with happiness when he saw my brother and I for the first time in a few years. A big, strong man crying out of happiness. And when i think about it now, its a beautiful thing. And so as I watched this video and had powerful recollections of everything we all went through as a band of 6 brothers in Last Man Standing, I found myself crying…and it was strange, but nice. I still wouldn’t really have wanted anyone to see me crying 🙂 but it was a surprising and memorable moment for me. Partly also because it reminded me that I’ve finished the album that I once thought I may never finish, and the fulfillment that comes with that. When you have a desire to accomplish something, and then you find that its so much harder to achieve than you ever would have realised, and you find many times where you could lose hope or give up…when you hang in there and accomplish it…maybe months, maybe years (!) later, it is a quiet but stirring emotion. And this video not only features a recollection of the torturous run we did in Mexico, but also a song from an album i thought i would probably never get to do… I’ll be putting it on www.rajkomusic.com in the next couple of weeks, along with the new album, so I look forward to sharing that with people. any fans of the show will definitely enjoy it.

So for now, this morning’s quote was something said by a famous Montenegrian called Njegos. He said,

“It’s easy to be a good person when life is good, but in struggle is where we get to know the Saints”.

It’s something I believe in strongly. What do we do when things are not working out for us and things are not flowing. How do we respond and how do we treat the people around us. That’s when we show our true colours

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  1. Jude says:

    cold showers, music videos and good people…the only comment I have to this blog is a smile…. 🙂

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