Jan ’09 – week 1

It’s been a long time since I wrote in my blog – I guess between emails and facebook and myspace and telephones and texting… it’s sometimes a bit like communication overload! If only I had a twin who could express things for me and take care of some of the more boring stuff! But, although the whole New Years Resolution thing is a little questionable, I have set one resolution to update my blog on a regular basis this year….and when i resolve something I tend to do it. I think its important to strive to do that. I used to be a bit critical of a friend of mine for resolving things and committing to difficult things which there was a chance he’d fail in….but I think I’ve changed my perspective. I think it is easy to just do whatever you feel and set yourelf no boudaries or challenges – but to strive to live by a code you believe in, whether you feel like it or not, I think that’s admirable.

Each morning I dip my hand into a little bag hanging next to my bed and I pull out a quote to start my day. Its a bag full of random quotes, thoughts and religious verses, extracts from books/novels/films. There’s even a couple of quotes from my old Yugoslavian grandmother! (basically absolutely anything i hear or read that i think is worthy of going into the bag.) So today it was a really simple one “follow your heart wherever it may lead you”. As I read it I did actually wonder how that cliche had found its way into my bag!? But then I lay back and thought to myself that there is something to take from that old thought. I guess ‘heart’ can mean intuition, and some might say it is God speaking to you through an inner voice. That’s what I take it to mean – a combination of that inate goodness in all of us which we have as kids, and god speaking to us without words. And its a combination that I trust…so I’d like to follow it where it leads me.

Album is now completely finished, and one thing I can say is that I’m proud of how its come out. That’s not an easy thing for me to say – because I am so critical of my recordings and sometimes almost lose hope that I’ll ever capture what i know the song is supposed to say. But after a couple of months of not listening to any of it, I sat in my car with the finished CD, closed my eyes…and I actually felt relaxed. Relaxed because I was content with what i’d done. Not perfect and short of the mark in places – but overall something I am proud for people to hear. and that is probably the best feeling I could have asked for in 2008! May 2009 be as full as the last one – wherever it may lead us!

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  1. Kane says:

    Great news that you’ll be updating your blog on a regular basis, as I find your words very insightful and wise. I think its interesting that you start the day out with a quote because often times they are powerful and just a few words can give you a fresh sense of direction and motivation for the day ahead. I myself try to to start out the day with a quote or saying or biblical verse.

    Glad to hear that the album is finished. I can’t wait to hear it! Best of luck in all of your pursuits in the upcoming year Rajko.


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