Imagine you’re injured

Can you remember your worst injuries? I’ll bet you can in perfect detail! That broken bone, dislocation, muscle tear, joint tear…or maybe even worse? And the utter physical and mental frustration of not being able to use that part of your body properly, for days, weeks, months even. Well, for the sake of this little exercise, I want you to use your imagination to remember as clearly and vividly as possible that nasty injury – but make it an injury you’ve recovered from and not something you’re still recovering from (we’ll save that for next issue when I talk about how to recover faster from injuries).

Imagine You're Injured...

Ok, so you recall the discomfort, pain and the utter frustration of being ‘out of action’. It’s a terrible feeling and we’ve all been there. Thankfully the human mind seems to be programmed to forget pain and so you probably can’t fully feel what you once felt, but I want you to try! How does it feel? Frightening, sickening, horrible … right? (if not, then either you haven’t been injured before or your memory’s not very good!).

The reason I want you to do this strange exercise is because there is no bigger motivator to want to do something than being told you can’t do it under any circumstances.
When both your legs are broken and your body is telling you in no uncertain terms, ‘I’m sorry – (insert your name here) – but you are not allowed to walk again or even stand up for the next 3-6 months’. In that moment you would wish beyond anything that you could wake up and discover you were dreaming. You’d jump out of bed and tense up your leg muscles and think, ‘Oh thank goodness! I’m gonna do an awesome training session today’.

My point is the next time you are going through a demotivated patch, or you can’t face a tough training session, just use your memory or use your imagination! Imagine being told you can’t exercise or use a part of the body for the next 3-6 months and imagine the mental torture. It will ignite a motivation and a fire in you to train so hard that within minutes you’ll feel like a different person. I do it all the time and if I imagine hard enough, it sends a bolt of enthusiasm through me that launches me into action.

So next time you face a physical challenge you’re not sure if you’re ready for, do this little mental exercise and I guarantee you’ll be ready.

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  1. TDan says:

    Sometimes injuries are just to severe and you have to let time and healing take it’s course – however.
    In 2007 I got wiped out by a woman in a Mercedes whilst out mountain biking. The result amongst other stuff like cuts and bruises was a broken wrist and a shattered right hand. Obviously this put paid to the mountain biking for a couple of years whilst surgeons gradually put my hand back together.
    During this time I concentrated on my downhill skateboard racing and in 2009 was world no.7 in the in-line board category. So there’s no excuse for sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.
    The hand will never be 100% again but what the hell, I’m back climbing and mountain biking again now. Just get out there and enjoy life, you only get one chance at it.

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