I hate the 30-day challenge!

Day 11 (yesterday) was great. I had no problem doing my 100lifts as I was training with Alex Reid and he was keen to do a tough session, so we got out an extra set of 20kgs and went for it…as well as some push-ups, squats and light standing-grappling (for energy not so much for fighting technique). And so in those circumstances where you’re a little bit on display, 100lifts is really quite easy…

…fast forward to this evening, after a day in London…driving, walking, shopping, restaurant meal + glass of wine with my amazing fiance, then a long drive home through London traffic…& so tired that i could barely stay awake at the wheel. Once at home I just needed to stretch out on the bed straight away and although it was only 8pm, the next thing I knew I must have fallen asleep because when i awoke it was midnight!  Now if I tell you that in that time I was dreaming about having not done my 100lifts, you will get an idea of how determined i am to complete this challenge. But when i awoke, with darkness around me, knowing that it was the dead of night, I really thought I’d failed the challenge. Almost as a last ditch check I picked up my Nite watch (which wonderfully is always readable even in complete darkness:) and lo and behold it was only midnight. Had it been 1am, 2am, 3am or later I would have almost certainly said to myself:

“oh well, I failed the challenge…but tomorrow I’ll carry on with it and in my blog I’ll explain to anyone reading how even if you fail for one day, you should still carry on and finish the challenge”

I could almost see myself writing those words as I lay there half asleep… and then some instinct kicked in which is the same instinct I had to call on countless times in Last Man Standing. The instinct to somehow pull myself together and as Nike would say ‘Just Bloody do it’. (well they dont use the extra word in there, but sometimes you have to!)

And almost out of utter irritation with this challenge I rolled out of bed, pulled on a jacket (as i had that cold-body feeling of having fallen asleep uncovered) and walked out into the garden. I rolled me shoulders back and forth to generate some heat and even rubbed them with my own hands, at least to get a bit of blood flow and ‘life’ back in the system. With sleepy eyes I located the dumbbells under the garden seat, picked it up and started lifting…

Now when people say it doesnt rain…it pours. Well I understand that expression in the sense that when something is against-the-odds, or not working out for you, it often seems like everything starts conspiring against you. (and in contrast at other times when you’re on a roll, everything seems to work out in your favour). Well today was one of the ‘not raining, but pouring’ days. In fact we did get caught out in the rain a couple of times in London, but that was no big deal. What was a Big Deal right now is that evertime I lifted my dumbbell I could hear a kind of ‘flapping’ sound from between the dumbbell plates. It sounded like some kind of insect had somehow squeezed itself inside the dumbbell and was now being disturbed by me throwing its home around!

Of course anyone who does the lifts will know that on every lift the dumbbell stops right next to the side of your head…right next to your ear. So every time I lifted the weight I would hear this creepy and frantic flapping sound right next to my ear. Which presented three problems… I didnt know what insect might be trapped in there, but I did know that chances are it would be pretty upset by the time it got free again, and I was the first thing in its line-of-fire! Secondly, I had disturbing visions of it flying out of the dumbell and in its disorientation flying straight into my ear(!)…and thirdly, as anyone who does the Dragan Challenge will know, once you pick up the weights you cant put them down till you’ve completed your lifts 🙁   So you see how my already difficult midnight lifts now had an extra element of mental torture attached to them.

So when i say I hate the 30-day Dragan Challenge, today I really do! Tomorrow I might love it again, but today I hate it.

But as is often the case with seemingly horrible challenges, once you manage to do it, in hindsight it wasnt so bad after all!  And I am pleased to say that, hanging on by a thread(!) I am still on track to finish the 30-day challenge. Today’s lesson— planning is everything!  Lack of planning resulted in mental and physical torture.

Naturally doing a 100lifts of a 20kg dumbell will wake you up a little, which is why at almost 1am I am writing this Blog!  But, sleep is calling again and so it’s back to bed for me, and perhaps tomorrow this will just all feel like some weird dream…

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  1. zanderxl says:

    Ahhh… see? You should’ve just done the lifts the moment you got in!! Tired or not! Ha ha ha, like I’m anyone to tell YOU what you should be doing!! Well, at least you still managed it. Gotta love that voice that goes off in your head, huh? Combinations of “Do it!”, “GET UP!!”, and “Come ON!!”, right? Well, it is for me any way. Funny, yesterday was a tough one for me too, though not quite for the same reasons as you. After running around after my two children all weekend (honestly it was like the Whacky Races for about 12 hours!!) I was just ready to collapse and have a cold beer. As I got the brew and sat down I looked at it and it seemed to taunt me “Go on, just miss ONE day. No one will know…” then that voice went off in my head and said “Get off your butt and get those lifts done. THEN you can have that drink!”. I almost said “Sir, yes Sir!” in response! LOL! But I got up, grabbed the weights and went for it. Believe me, that drink tasted infinitely better after the 100 🙂
    Pointless bit of info for you there, but there ya go.
    What happened to the resident dumbell bug?? 🙂
    Completed day 7 today. Bring on 30!

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