How to bring a bit of excitement into a day

today was a relatively eventful day, with meetings in london with 2gyms, a masterclass to teach and a casting agency interview…but the event which really stole the show was not an event you’d find in my diary. In fact it came about only because I have a keen eye for Adventure, and also a habit of being late!

Running slightly late for an appointment with a casting agency near BBC White city, I walked as fast as I could in the direction of the road I needed – which according to the map was only 5minutes away. However what I didnt account for was that from the Westway Flyover there was simply no way down to the road I needed. It would be a case of a long walk around or wasteful taxi ride…and yet the road I needed was so close I could almost smell it! And looking over the edge of the flyover I noted that a couple of very tall trees were only at Arms length from the bridge. Ok the gap happened to be at about 30ft from the ground below, but as my brother would often say, the only words running through mind were ‘no challenge!’ 🙂

In fact it was quite a massive challenge, mostly due to the fact I was carrying a heavy bag and a guitar, which made tree climbing extremely awkward…as well as the fact that the lowest branch (when I finally got down to it) turned out to be still 15ft from the ground. Oops. But by that point there was no returning so I shouted down to a passing traffic warden who kindly came and caught my bags…and then I was then free to swing down and jump the last bit – Tarzan style.

Ok, basically I climbed a tree and got excited about it. But that’s the point. Adventure isn’t just about doing a trek to the arctic or getting invited to fight with Tribesmen. It’s about having a bit of imagination and finding great pleasure in simple challenges.  Ask a free runner…or any 35yr old kid 🙂

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  1. Hi Rajko,
    Climbing trees is one of life’s simple pleasures that too many of us forget as we are forced to grow up and conform…

    Practical fitness is great, who cares what you can bench press if you can’t climb a tree or two 🙂



    AKA The Fitness Blogger

  2. Jude says:

    This made me smile 🙂 A typical Rajko moment!

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