H.O.P Training Course

A weekend of teaching and speaking can make you a little tired of the sound of your own voice (!) but apart from that it really was an excellent weekend of training up some great new Hour of Power teachers. I think the Hour of Power is a class that on the surface seems quite simple as a routine, but much like how yoga has multiple layers to it…and you go as deep as you want to,  the Hour of Power has many more layers than you might first think. As a participant you might not go beyond the first layer…but to be a good instructor of this method you must at least get to grips with the first few layers. And that’s where it all begins….

It’s encouraging to step back and see that now 25years since the class first started inspiring people to do their fitness in a ‘mindful rather than mindless’ way, there is now a genuine trend beginning. It has taken time, but I guess all good things take time. And in some ways one of the hardest things over the years has been work out how exactly to summarise and Share my dad’s unique approach – in a way that captured all that made it special. Sometimes great things die with their creators/founders….but sometimes they grow to be much more than they ever could have been in the founder’s lifetime.  I think the Fitness4x4 method and the Hour of Power class can do just that, and that will be great to see.

Speaking of which… must jump in the car and get to my next class in Kensington!

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  1. IloveRajko says:

    The hour of power represents to me something that transcends many levels, by providing a meaning with the exercise, the mindless of many actions is removed, you create a energy that makes the hour far more than just an exercise. I hope and believe that this can be brought forward though yourself and your dads teaching, as you say something great things can be advanced, and whilst I was once fearful this teaching might die with your farther I feel that in your hands it can only grow. And as you said all the best things take time.

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