Green Smoothies

I recently visited my good friend William Adams in California – one of the few men in this world who can compete with my Dad for not only Energy Output Capacity, but also eccentricity! William was inspired by seeing one of my Dad’s challenges in Los Angeles, and went on to develop an approach to doing push-ups which allowed him to perform over 500 continuous (full range of motion) push-ups and thereby match the energy my father was producing with the dumbbell lifting – but using a different muscle group emphasis. But more than that, he’s now a very good friend of the family! But back to the point…whilst visiting William and his good friend Rebecca, I was introduced to the concept of the green smoothie!

Well I’ve been a fan of the smoothie ever since my brother and best friend started their own Juice Bar ten years ago, and I’m familiar with the usual fruity smoothies. I’m also familiar with the idea of Juicing vegetables. But I’m now hooked on a drink that is the combination of these two things… the sweet Green smoothie!  Here’s one version of it. Just chuck the following ingredients (chopped up) directly into a blender:

1whole apple (core and all!)

1whole kiwi (optional whether you peel it)

Some frozen strawberries/blueberries/any berries!

Some mint leaves – if you have them.

Nuts (but not peanuts) if you like them!

And most important….A BIG handful of Greens (eg raw baby spinach leaf)

The end result is a pretty ugly looking green colour smoothie (or brown if you add blueberries!), but a drink which is highly nutritious, highly tasty, and highly enjoyable. I’m drinking at least one a day at the moment…and this evening was craving one more than a heavy meal.

There are loads of reasons to drink these kind of fresh/raw/green smoothies, and they have massive advantages over SHOP bought smoothies…but I’ll save that info for another blog. For now, just give one a try 🙂



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  1. nikos says:

    Hi there! very nice blog. Happy to see that you’re posting regularly! Just ordered via amazon the Last Man Standing series (as am living in France)… Just read in one of your former posts about cold showers..What are the health benefits? Regards and good luck for Saturday! Nikos

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