Hour of Power

Hour of Power® Workout is now a best-selling Home Workout DVD as well as one of the most exciting new studio classes on the UK fitness scene. With new trainers launching new classes across the country, the Hour of Power’s uniquely “mindful approach to fitness” is carving a welcome niche in a somewhat saturated fitness market. Incorporating the mind & body awareness of the more artful and spiritual approaches to exercise, such as Yoga or the Martial Arts, Hour of Power workout still manages to out-do even the most high-energy Cardio workouts. As stated best in a recent article by Ultra-fit magazine “forget the step and ditch the yoga mat, Hour of Power® classes challenge your mind and body from beginning to end.”

For more than 10 years, the Hour of Power® Workout has been Rajko’s specialist area within the Fitness4x4® training method, as both a Master Instructor and a Trainer of new instructors. Spearheading the launch of new HOP® classes across the UK, as well as developing the fully REPSs Approved and Skills Active Endorsed Hour of Power® Instructor Certification Programme, Rajko has used both his education and his first-hand athletic experience to oversee the sharing of this training method with a wider audience.

In 2002 Rajko and his brother Luka (Radovic) founded Fitness4x4 Ltd, the organisation behind their father’s unique Fitness4x4® Training Method and Hour of Power® workout. The company’s chief aim was to put in place a solid framework behind this relatively unstructured but highly effective and revolutionary approach to training. This ‘structuring’ process would include the trademarking of their father’s unique methods; the creation of the official Fitness4x4® website (fitness4x4.com); the filming and distribution of the Hour of Power Home workout DVD; the organisation of the official Dragan Challenge and the formulation of the Hour of Power® Instructor Certification Programme.

The 2-day Hour of Power® Instructor training course, and in-depth Training Manuals are now officially accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and are recognised as an elite professional development opportunity for fitness trainers and aspiring instructors in Great Britain and internationally.

Ultimately Rajko’s goal is to relocate to Montenegro to complete works on the Fitness4x4® Retreat, which will host health and fitness enthusiasts, sports professionals, fitness trainers, friends and other like-minded individuals to step away from the ‘rat-race’ and temporarily enter a village lifestyle aimed at enhancing physical fitness, resetting health values and enjoying a cultural & artistic retreat from city life.

In the meantime, you can find Rajko teaching dynamic Hour of Power® classes at venues across London, and at Masterclasses around the country. Check out Rajko’s current weekly class schedule on the table below, or in his Masterclass Diary.

To find out where Rajko is teaching this month, contact us or check out Rajko’s Calendar